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Were “Sam Bacile” and “The Innocence of Muslims” Part of a Salafi Plot All Along?

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Published on: September 15, 2012

The current working theory in most media circles is that Sam Bacile, who claimed to be an Israeli Jew, was really a front for Coptic Christians. The truth may however be that Sam Bacile was a Salafist who used Jews and Copts as a front for a Salafist agenda.

There is some evidence that suggests this may be the most logical conclusion. Salafist connections have covered this entire project from beginning to end.

Sam Bacile, didn’t do much with his YouTube account, besides uploading two clips from the “Innocence of Muslims” film, but he also commented in Arabic on an Egyptian video discussing his movie, and last month he had favorited a video from the Egyptian Salafist Al Nour Party featuring Al Nour Party spokesman Nader Bakkar attacking Ibrahim Issa and defending the Salafis.

A video defending Salafism is an odd choice for someone who claims to think Islam is a cancer to add to his favorites.

The Salafi connections don’t end there. The movie was picked up and denounced by Al-Nas, a popular Egyptian Salafi satellite channel. The wave of protests was then organized and reportedly carried out by Salafis.

It looks a great deal like Salafis set the movie in motion, then began promoting a movie that no one had ever heard of before on their own channel and then used it set off riots and carry out an attack on US embassies.

The only sticking point here is would devout Muslims really defame Mohammed in order to stage violent attacks that would benefit their political movements?

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