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Video: State investigators: Georgia election documents were altered (In Favor of Barry!)

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Published on: February 3, 2013

Someone altered Fulton County voter records after last year’s presidential election, using a red pen to add names to tally sheets of voters using paper ballots and marking that their votes all counted.

Who is responsible remains a mystery, but it happened after managers from at least two precincts had signed off on the documents and submitted them to the main county elections office.

“I know for certain that these additional names were added after,” Rosalyn Murphy, who served in November as an assistant poll manager at Church of the Redeemer in Sandy Springs, told the State Election Board during a hearing Thursday focusing on the performance of the county’s elections office. “That doesn’t even look like our handwriting.”

Secretary of State Brian Kemp, who is investigating more than 100 voter complaints against the county from last year, said the evidence points to possible document tampering and calls into question the vote totals Fulton reported. His chief investigator, Chris Harvey, revealed the suspect records during the fact-gathering hearing.

The scope of the problem with altered documents, and the significance, remain to be seen, but it’s another troubling aspect of the county’s failure to accommodate all its voters during a major election.

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