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  • Boldly Into The Breach (The Lives of Fallen Heroes in Libya) gd.is/AJnBWS | 49 minutes ago
  • AC-130U Gunship was On-Scene in Benghazi, Obama Admin Refused to Let It Fire (Updated) gd.is/QtEYBa | 58 minutes ago
  • Audio: Father of Slain SEAL, "Who Made the Decision Not to Save My Son?" gd.is/UmIsgT | 1 hour ago
  • Video: Father of fallen Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods: I do not appreciate cowardice, lies gd.is/KzWvKd | 1 hour ago
  • Hillary Clinton asked for more security in Benghazi, Obama said no! gd.is/WOLMrJ | 1 hour ago
  • Democrats Blame Early and Blame Often (They Are Losing!) gd.is/tpznKS | 1 hour ago
  • WashPost Says Romney Winning Whites 60-37; Ruins Liberal Theme GOP Couldn't Get to 60 Percent gd.is/ehHnSW | 1 hour ago
  • Proof: Obama denied request for help during Benghazi Attack gd.is/YSS5rY | 1 hour ago
  • Mittmentum Is Real (From the Libtards at Slate) gd.is/m4s2T5 | 16 hours ago
  • Donald Trump Calls Michelle Malkin A ‘Dummy,’ Malkin Fires Back By Calling Him A Fake Conservative gd.is/9JedUy | 16 hours ago
  • Meat Loaf endorses Romney at rally in Defiance gd.is/XsHR8f | 16 hours ago
  • Texas sparks international row with election observers gd.is/eLbm6t | 16 hours ago
  • Obama calls Romney a "Bullshitter" (Rolling Stone Interview) gd.is/3vCYWb | 23 hours ago
  • Senate takeover prospects brighten for GOP gd.is/V56GEx | 1 day ago
  • Gloria Allred’s Worst Nightmare — Transcript released but her client’s still gagged gd.is/pxeHgZ | 1 day ago
  • Sarah Palin rips Chris Matthews as a perennial hypocrite over “shuck and jive” criticism gd.is/wrXxB5 | 1 day ago
  • Romney erases Obama lead among women gd.is/ycaKGB | 1 day ago
  • Brian Williams: Obama Crowds Down To 5,000 From 50,000 In '08 (video) gd.is/eF4ZGv | 1 day ago
  • Barack Obama is a Liar gd.is/4SQOV3 | 1 day ago
  • “The Hope and the Change” is now FREE on Hulu! A MUST WATCH! gd.is/KfBvff | 1 day ago
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