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The Left Politicizes the Boston Bombing (No Surpise There!)

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Published on: April 16, 2013

RUSH: I actually think as everybody’s trying to figure out what happened in Boston, who did it, and why, let me just say something here at the top on this.

I have stated countless times — there’s nothing new today — I have stated countless times, the left politicizes everything.  You recall me saying this. You recall me offering evidence of this.  And they already are.  I mean, yesterday, within moments of this happening, the left began to politicize it and began drooling, in some cases, and I’ve got the examples, drooling over the possibility that a right-wing extremist in the same vein as Timothy McVeigh did this.  You see, it would be very bad, bad, bad for the regime if it turned out that that Saudi national was responsible. It would be very, very bad for Obama and the regime, believe me.

Folks, some of this might seem unsettling, but I don’t know any other way to do this.  I mean, I can’t come in here and fake it. I react to what I hear, and when I hear the people, the institutions, the principles I believe in under assault, I’m gonna stand up and defend ‘em.  I can’t come in here and fake it even for a day, and I’m telling you that the effort is on to politicize this.  You may have heard many of the efforts that some in the Drive-By Media, what is called the mainstream media, have already begun speculating. Already; they began immediately speculating and hoping.  I kid you not.  And I’ll give you examples of this as the program unfolds.

I don’t think you can rule out that we’re in an economic disaster in this country.  There are people who are at their wits’ end over what to do economically. They can’t find work, can’t find a job, no apparent hope of it. This leads to all kinds of anger and chaos. So I wouldn’t rule out the fact that the sociology of a depressed and in-ruins economy is leading to all kinds of frustration in all kinds of people all over this country.  Now, nobody knows what happened.

RUSH: Now, no one knows at this time who’s responsible for the bombs in Boston.  Yesterday the president made a point of not calling it terror.  Today he did.  His former campaign aide, now commentator at MSNBC, says it’s probably related to tax day.  Another bunch of people, a whole bunch of people from the left are saying, “Well, you know, it was Patriots Day.”  One guy actually said, somebody at Slate or Salon or some such place, might have been somebody at CNN.  Let me separate the papers here.  Some guy named Paul Fisher (paraphrasing), “Today’s Patriots Day, important day to militia movements in our country, the same day Tim McVeigh chose to bomb Oklahoma City.”

These tweets and these items of speculation are all over Twitter and Facebook and the mainstream media.  And nobody knows at this time who’s responsible.  At least if they do know, they haven’t said so.  In a vacuum like this, you’re gonna have all kinds of people try to fill it.  So if they say they don’t know who it is you’re gonna have people say, “Oh, yes, they do. They know exactly who it is, and because of the political nature of these people, they’re gonna hold the information ’til they can make it as useful to them as possible.”  Now, whether that’s right or wrong, the fact that a large enough number of people think that is a testament to how politicized virtually everything in this country has become.

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