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Rasmussen: Romney Moves into the Lead in Wisconsin

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Published on: August 16, 2012

While commenters debate the size of any poll “bounce” for Romney after selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, the trend-lines are certainly clear. Romney has gained ground in every poll released since the Ryan announcement. Today, Rasmussen released its latest poll, showing Romney taking a first-ever lead in the Badger State.

On one hand, Romney’s lead in Wisconsin, 48-47, may not seem surprising, since Paul Ryan is a popular congressman from the state. But Obama won the state by 56% and, until very recently, Wisconsin was considered one of Obama’s base states in the electoral college. Over the past few months, Obama has enjoyed small, but consistent leads in the Badger State. But, with 46% of state voters saying Ryan’s selection makes them more likely to vote for Romney, the state should now be considered a toss-up. Romney would have made it close here, but Ryan on the ticket may be enough to cross the finish line.

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