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  • New TV Ad Exposes Obama's Benghazi Treason! gd.is/QsNxPB | 40 minutes ago
  • OPSEC Seeks Donations To Run Anti-Obama Ad Against 'Seal Team Six' Movie gd.is/xRDmRq | 45 minutes ago
  • Video: SEAL Father: Obama, Biden, Clinton showed no remorse Over Dead Americans in Libya gd.is/QWVt8L | 1 hour ago
  • Video: Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM Ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!” gd.is/mDJ2p7 | 1 hour ago
  • Video: Obama Supporters Slam ‘Romney’ Policies…Then Find Out They’re Actually Obama’s! gd.is/yVgJDH | 2 hours ago
  • Did Obama Refuse To Aid Our Men In Benghazi? gd.is/pJmvOs | 2 hours ago
  • Napolitano says more than 3,000 illegal immigrants applying daily under Obama Amnesty (1M a year) gd.is/nTwk9q | 2 hours ago
  • Video: Pat Caddell Sees a 'Tidal Wave' Election in November! gd.is/FbJ2Hs | 3 hours ago
  • Romney's on a roll: Watch for a cascade of support that sweeps away the Obama regime! gd.is/hLzOkw | 3 hours ago
  • Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster gd.is/cJrQQn | 3 hours ago
  • Independents’ Day: Romney’s advantage with unaffiliated voters could prove key gd.is/W5DXBq | 3 hours ago
  • From Freerepublic.com: How Many Staes Can Romney Win? gd.is/gZ5gFR | 3 hours ago
  • Video: Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: My sources tell me Obama was in the room watching Benghazi attack! gd.is/FX7NaI | 3 hours ago
  • Video: Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack With Link To Obama gd.is/OxhBcY | 4 hours ago
  • Obama's Approval Rating Has Collapsed In The Past 3 Days gd.is/zUWUpa | 4 hours ago
  • Creepy Libtard Video: Children Sing Obama's Romney Hatred in New Ad gd.is/EepZQQ | 4 hours ago
  • AP Writers Claim Their 'Poll' Shows 'Majority Harbor Prejudice Against Blacks' gd.is/JPScwb | 4 hours ago
  • @Obama_Biden2012 Yes, de pipples must be converted to the glories of bolshevism. Only our leader Obama can do dis! Tenks you veddy much. | 1 day ago
  • Blast From The Past: O'Reilly Warns Obama: 'All Hell Will Break Loose If You Backdoor Healthcare' gd.is/wgXKaw | 1 day ago
  • Obama rebuts claims he’s lying about attack on US Consulate in Libya gd.is/XcaQAE | 1 day ago
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