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Illinois Becomes Largest State to Give Licenses to Illegals – With No Safeguards Against Fraud


In the race to become America’s top “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens, we have a new leader.  Illinois has (temporarily) bested California for that title, and has done so by putting public safety at greater risk.

Both states have in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Both states fight I.C.E. every step of the way to keep illegal from being deported or even discovered. But now, with its Governor’s signature tonight, only Illinois permits hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to obtain official drivers licenses.

Gov. Pat Quinn (D) hailed the law as an important step for “immigrant rights” in Illinois, but even the left-leaning Associated Press pointed out both the problems with security, as well as the insane rationale used to pass the law:

However, the law’s opponents have pointed to hundreds of fraudulent cases in New Mexico, Washington and Utah after those states began giving illegal immigrants permission to drive. Illinois will not require applicants to be fingerprinted, for fear that would discourage immigrants from applying.

How many people would apply for this document knowing that fingerprints will be going to (federal authorities)? Probably not all that many,” said Fred Tsao, policy director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a driving-force behind the measure.

Say what? No fingerprints? That’s right…despite the fact that the vast majority of identity theft in the United states is committed by illegal aliens, Illinois will only require a photograph to be taken. Of course this was done to make sure that the fingerprints would not be sent to the FBI (as is typically done), which uses the Secure Communities program to match those prints with the ICE/DHS database to determine if that person has used any (or perhaps multiple) false identities in other states, , have been previously (and perhaps multiple times) been deported – which would make re-entry a felony, or are wanted for a serious crime or are on a terrorist watch list.

In other words, Illinois’ new law has zero safeguards against fraud, and put the public at great risk. And Illinois KNEW this when they passed their law – because the 3 other states which also allow it have provided cautionary tales for how not to do it, and Illinois ignored them.

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