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How You Can Help Defeat the Commie Agitator Obama…

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Published on: September 14, 2012

I live in NY, a hopelessly blue state. There is very little I can do locally to help Romney. However, they have an excellent phone-from-home system this year, much better than other phone banks I’ve done before.

I started making phone calls from home for Romney. It is easy, well-supported, and free. It is important to start now so they can target the right people. You can get started by Clicking Here

Even though Romney was not my first choice, our very existence is at stake now. Please pass this on to all your political friends. The calls made now help identify voters who can be moved to vote for Romney.

My goal is to make at least 10,000 calls. They really make it quick and easy. I do not want to be partly responsible for 0bama getting reelected.

If you are in red or purple state, then I hope you get involved with the local Romney campaign. If you are in a blue state, then please join me in doing what you can from home with phone calls.

Next, please pass this on to your friends also in red states. Let’s create an army of workers bigger than the unions do for the Dems.

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