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Homosexuals Work With “Conservative” Groups to Elect Richard Tisei to Congress in Mass.

Again, what’s happening   in Massachusetts may soon be happening across the country.

Last   week we reported that the national GOP establishment is pouring over a   million dollars to elect Richard Tisei to Congress in Massachusetts. They have   named Tisei as one of the select “conservative young guns” they want to focus   their energies on to get elected.

We documented Tisei’s record: as   a radical homosexual activist, dedicated to pushing “gay marriage” across the   country; as pro-abortion (rated 100% by Planned Parenthood); as hostile to   religious faith; as the only Republican to sponsor the “transgender rights” bill   in the Mass. Senate; and the only Republican to vote against the state tax   rollback in 2000.

Not exactly what one would consider   “conservative.”

Big “gay” money coming   in

Well, there’s more.

Who would ever imagine that the national homosexual   movement would team up with GOP “conservative” stalwarts Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan,   Kevin McCarthy, and Speaker John Boehner? The infamous national PAC Gay and Lesbian   Victory Fund has selected Tisei as one of its top   candidates in the country for support. In addition, the pro-gay American Unity   PAC has already spent over $500,000 for Tisei,   according to the Associated Press. Adding to that, it’s likely that Tisei will   get a good part of the $10 million that billionaire NYC mayor Michael   Bloomberg has announced he’s spending for pro-gay candidates.

Here in   Massachusetts, this been buttressed by the Boston Globe and Boston   Herald (both of which support “gay rights) which have both   enthusiastically endorsed Tisei in their editorials.

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