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Did Congress Legislate Skin Cancer for All Americans?

cfl bulbsSeveral years ago, a push began in Congress to make incandescent light bulbs  illegal.  The measure was designed to force Americans to use the more  energy efficient CFL (compact florescent light bulbs).  Supposedly, CFL  bulbs use less electricity and last longer.  However, I find that I have  had to replace some CFL bulbs almost as often as incandescent bulbs.  I  still have incandescent bulbs that have been in use for many years and still  burning brightly.

I, like many consumers, resisted the forced legislation more because of cost  more than anything else and I hate it when Congress keeps interfering with the  rights of the individual to make decisions for themselves.  On average a  CFL bulb costs in excess of $1.50 to $2 each whereas incandescent bulbs can run  as little as 25¢ each.

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  1. lighthouse says:

    The mentioned CFL study is just the start of it!
    More about it and previous CFL studies
    - and how LED bulbs also have light quality issues, from comparing the light spectrum of incandescents – CFLs – LEDs
    CFL study in a greater perspective

  2. lighthouse says:

    On Freedom of Choice:

    The Deception behind the Arguments used to ban Light Bulbs and other Products
    13 points, referenced
    - including why the supposed energy savings are not there
    - and how Government, Industry and Enviro organizations have cooperated to ban simple safe but patent expired generic bulbs
    in favor of patented complex new alternatives.

    Why not ban generic patent expired cheap penicillin next ?

  3. lighthouse says:

    Essence Ideology and the banning of safe-to-use products:

    To see the advantage of what is created as a reason for existence, rather than look for a disadvantage as a reason for destruction.
    Progress is welcomed – not feared.
    Progress brings more choice and more advantages, a progress helped – not hindered – by allowing competition against that which already exists.

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