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Democrats Are About To Be Doubly Disappointed

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Published on: November 1, 2012

Election 2012Democrats could be doubly disappointed come January. President Obama might be handing Mitt Romney unparalleled presidential power. The best alibi liberals can leverage in defending Obama’s overstretch continues to be blaming problems “inherited” from Bush while scaring voters about Mr. Romney’s sinister aspirations. Rather than tout his public sector expansion, Obama’s electoral pitch consists largely in lambasting Romney for private sector success.

To illustrate a point, accept that Republicans are equally inept, waste as much and are just as scandal prone as Democrats. Pretend Romney really is the fiend that Obama’s attack ads caricature. He’ll outsource your job then let your family suffer so he can reward his rich friends. Consider what this premise entails about the proper scope of government.

If Romney is so awful, why grant him such sweeping authority?

Even lovers of government for government’s sake, i.e. Democrats, don’t necessarily want the reins harnessed by their rivals. Those who believe the state is basically altruistic surely still recognize the peril of unaccountable hegemony in the wrong hands. Barack Obama drastically expanded government, particularly in the Executive Branch. Dozens of unelected czars, widespread executive orders, an accelerating run-up in regulation and extensive granting of Obamacare waivers may soon become the GOP’s bailiwick.

The president shoehorned intensely partisan legislation through Congress. Obamacare and Dodd-Frank contain reams of Byzantine regulations which are largely either still being defined, or subject to interpretation by cabinet leaders reporting directly to the president. Democrats ratcheted up federal intrusiveness into every sphere of life. Much of this government muscle will fall under the purview of whoever ultimately resides in the White House.

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