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Barack Obama flops in Knox: the president’s speech was a train-wreck

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Published on: July 24, 2013

It’s been a rough few weeks for Barack Obama. A wave of scandals has undermined trust in the White House, and a series of major polls has hammered the president in the first year of his second term. Support for Obama has dropped to its lowest level in two years, with widespread public dissatisfaction over his handling of the economy. A NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released this morning showed the president’s approval level at just 45 percent, with 50 percent disapproving. 56 percent of Americans are “pessimistic” or “uncertain” in “their feelings about how the president will do during the rest of his term,” and only 17 percent of Americans surveyed are “optimistic.”

Today’s speech at Knox College, Illinois, was supposed to be the president’s come-back moment, the first of a series of addresses aimed at retaking the initiative by the White House. Instead it was a train-wreck. In an hour-long address, which seemed to last forever (and par for course started 15 minutes late), the president spoke in deeply partisan terms, often with bitterness and anger, lambasting his political opponents, dismissing criticism of his policies, and launching into his favourite theme of class warfare, attacking the wealthy and what he calls the “winner takes all economy.” In a display of extraordinary arrogance (even by his standards), he condemned what he called “an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals,” a direct reference to the Congressional investigations into the IRS and Benghazi scandals, which most Americans don’t see as phony. He also defended his increasingly unpopular Obamacare proposals, attacking what he calls “a politically-motivated misinformation campaign,” while failing to acknowledge that moderate Democrats are “steadily turning against Obamacare” as The Washington Post reported today.

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CNN Boss Talks Programming, ‘Objective’ Nature of Network

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Published on: July 24, 2013

CNN Boss Talks Programming, ‘Objective’ Nature of Network

CNN topper Jeff Zucker’s plans for the network might be summed up by the following: Everything needs to change, but much of it is going to remain the same.

In a brief but wide-ranging interview at a summit held by Fortune magazine Tuesday, the CNN Worldwide president indicated that the cable-news network would put much of its near-term focus on both mobile assets as well as its primetime television lineup. At the same time, the executive said he was mindful of the revenue generated by CNN’s TV operations and suggested the network would strive for objectivity in its news presentation, so long as doing so wasn’t dull.

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Jew Hating Helen Thomas Finally Dies (Thank God)

Rot In Hell Bitch!

Thomas was born Aug. 4, 1920, in Kentucky. She was one of six children of Lebanese immigrants and was raised in Detroit. She moved to Washington to take an entry-level job with the Washington Daily News. She joined United Press during World War II and joined UPI’s White House bureau after John F. Kennedy was inaugurated in 1961.

She was the UPI White House bureau chief from 1974 until she left the wire service in 2000. She spent another 10 years as a columnist for Hearst Newspapers.

National Public Radio correspondent David Folkenflik said Thomas “broke barriers that prevented women from rising in the Washington press corps.”

She was the first female president of the White House Correspondents Association and enjoyed the longest tenure of any member of the elite White House press corps.

Thomas’ long career was not without controversy. She was known for asking blunt questions from her front-row seat in the White House press room and refusing to accept answers that were vague or off the subject.

CNN quoted Thomas saying, “I have never covered the president in any way other than that he is ultimately responsible.”

Although she was well beyond retirement age, Thomas saw her career come to a premature end in 2010.

She became the target of outrage and controversy when she told an amateur videographer outside the White House that Israel should “get the hell out of Palestine.”

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Hollywood facing summer crisis with multiple big budget flops

Analysts are predicting that R.I.P.D, starring Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds, will become the fourth such film in as many weeks to underperform.

The costliest failure so far has been The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp, which cost $250 million (£165 million) to make, and had a huge marketing budget. It was savaged by critics as a “bloated, unfunny, sometimes downright bizarre train wreck” amid a “summer of garbage blockbusters.”

Disney may have to write off up to $150 million losses on the movie, which was largely ignored by cinemagoers despite being released over the July 4 holiday weekend. It took in just $29 million that weekend in North America, losing out heavily to the animated comedy Despicable Me 2.

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Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Resigning (Obama Positions His Admin For Lawsuits)

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who led the burgeoning Department of Homeland Security through a host of policy changes in the post 9/11 era, is resigning to head the University of California system.

Napolitano, just the third person to lead the 10-year-old department, told her senior staff Friday she would be leaving for California. She will become the president of the University of California system, which includes UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley, among other campuses. The University of California also announced Napolitano’s nomination to be the 20th president of the statewide system. It was not immediately clear who President Barack Obama was considering as Napolitano’s replacement.

‘‘The opportunity to work with the dedicated men and women of the Department of Homeland Security, who serve on the front lines of our nation’s efforts to protect our communities and families from harm, has been the highlight of my professional career,’’ Napolitano said in a statement. ‘‘After four plus years of focusing on these challenges, I will be nominated as the next president of the University of California to play a role in educating our nation’s next generation of leaders.’’

Napolitano, a former Arizona governor and attorney general, was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2008. She had led the department through a series of policy changes with respect to protecting the public safety, including a focus on enforcing immigration laws.

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6 in 10 Americans favor 20-week abortion ban

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Published on: July 12, 2013

A poll taken by Huffington Post reveals an overwhelming majority of Americans supporting a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. This isn’t much of a surprise. But those who “strongly favor” the ban outnumber those who “strongly oppose” by a 2-1 margin.

Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards can’t tell the difference between what Kermit Gosnell was doing and late term abortions.

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Paul McCartney: They Threatened to Kill Me if I Played in Israel (Leftist Jew Hated in 2013)

When rock legend Paul McCartney came to Israel in 2008, he was, at least to some extent, taking his life in his hands. Not because of Israel’s sometimes precarious security situation, but because he was threatened by BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction) anti-Israel groups. “I got death threats, but I’m coming anyway,” the singer was quoted as saying by Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs researcher Adam Shay.

“I got explicit death threats, but I have no intention of surrendering. I refuse to cancel my performances in Israel,” Shay quoted McCartney as saying.

The former Beatle is not alone.

Dozens of other artists who schedule dates in Israel are lobbied, bullied, threatened, and even attacked at concerts by anti-Israel groups who are bent on isolating Israel culturally, as well as economically. Many artists, said Shay, claimed that their web sites have been attacked by hackers right before their Israeli concerts.

Alicia Keys, who recently played a concert here last week, supplies the latest example of intimidation faced by artists who play Israel. Several of her fellow singers – notably Elvis Costello and Roger Waters – urged her to cancel, calling Israel an “apartheid state,” and Keys’ Facebook page was littered with condemnations of her on the day of the concert. Costello himself cancelled a concert in Israel in 2010, as did Carlos Santana, after being hectored by anti-Israel groups. Other notables who have cancelled planned concerts in Israel are Jon Bon Jovi, the Yardbirds, Joe Lynn Turner, and the Pixies. Spanish singer Paco Ibanez went one better, telling a French newspaper that he is boycotting the Hebrew language, which he can speak, for political reasons.

But despite the pressure and threats, there are many artists who continue to play Israel. In the past month, rock bands Deep Purple and the Pet Shop Boys have held concerts in Israel, and American artist Rihanna is scheduled to take her second tour here in October. And of course, there was Madonna.

Many of these artists, Shay said, decided to perform in Israel despite the threats. “When singer Moby was interviewed on Army Radio shortly before he performed in Israel, he said that the intensity of the attacks against him before he came to Israel made him suspect that this wasn’t an objective movement that was concerned with people’s welfare, but with something dark and dubious.” Unfortunately, though, “most artists just don’t want to deal with it. It’s much easier for them to release a statement that they won’t be appearing in Israel ‘for reasons of conscience’ rather than to say their lives are being threatened and they’re frightened.”

Original article: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/169801#.Ud1-4VPzbdV

SHOCK POLL: 60 Percent of Hispanics Back Border Security, Interior Enforcement BEFORE Amnesty!


Amnesty-pushing politicians who insist that putting strong border security measures and interior enforcement before legalization for illegal aliens will anger Hispanic voters, were completely undermined by a new poll.

This poll shows that a majority of registered Hispanic voters believe any immigration legislation that becomes law should deal with border security and interior immigration law enforcement before legalization of America’s at least 11 million illegal aliens begins.

Among all Hispanics, six in ten, 60%, support granting legal status to those already here only when the 90% goal is reached; 32% oppose,” GOP pollster John McLaughlin’s group said in a release. “Among Hispanic voters, 60% support, 34% oppose.”

The “90% goal” McLaughlin’s group is referencing is the target of ending 90 percent of current illegal immigration through border security and interior enforcement.

The McLaughlin poll also found that Hispanics oppose giving illegal aliens access to federal benefits, including Obamacare, “while they are going through the legalization process and before the 90% goal is reached” at a 56 to 40 percent margin. The registered Hispanic voters polled also considered “immigration reform” the lowest priority of four issues when asked whether immigration, the economy, education, or health care is most important to them.

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Colorado Baker Faces Up to a Year in Jail for Not Baking Cake for Gay Wedding

cake protest

Gay activists protest the Masterpiece Cakeshop in 2012. Owner Jack Phillips now faces charges for not baking a cake for the gay couple. (Free Republic) Gay marriage was banned by the Colorado constitution in 2006.

But this didn’t stop the Colorado Attorney General’s office from filing a discrimination complaint against Masterpiece Cakeshop for not baking a cake for a gay couple.

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Former MSNBC Producer: MSNBC Is ‘Official Network of the Obama White House’

A former senior producer for MSNBC came out with harsh words for his former network Sunday.

Writing at the far-left AlterNet, Jeff Cohen – the former senior producer of MSNBC’s Donahue show – said, “When it comes to issues of U.S. militarism and spying, the allegedly ‘progressive’ MSNBC often seems closer to the ‘official network of the Obama White House’ than anything resembling an independent channel”:

Had McCain or Romney defeated Obama and implemented the exact same policies, treating whistleblowers like Manning and Snowden as foreign espionage agents, one would expect MSNBC hosts to be loudly denouncing the Republican abuses of authority.

But with Obama in power, a number of MSNBC talking heads have reacted to the Snowden disclosures like Fox News hosts did when they were in hysterical damage control mode for Bush – complete with ridiculously fact-free claims and national chauvinism that we’ve long come to expect from the “fair & balanced” channel.

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The rapid collapse of ObamaCare

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Published on: July 6, 2013

Jarrett: Obama apparatchik pretends nothing is going wrong.

It is rare indeed that both sides of Congress can agree on anything……so it is incredibly heartening that there is bipartisan agreement that the implementation of ObamaCare is a mess.

….. there is no hiding the embarrassment of a climbdown on a high-profile feature of President Obama’s signature initiative. Although the administration was determined to do all it could to hide it. It was apparently planning to announce it on July 3 — only because the day before Thanksgiving (or Christmas Eve) was too far off.

The purported reason for the delay is incompetence. The administration’s story is that it simply couldn’t find a way to implement the insurance-reporting requirements on employers in the time-frame set out in the law. Merely as a side-effect, it had to put off the mandate and the $2,000 per-employee fine on employers with more than 50 employees who don’t offer health coverage.

Jarrett portrayed the decision as about “cutting red tape.” “As we implement this law,” Jarrett explained, “we have and will continue to make changes as needed.” But the law is supposed to be the law, not optional suggestions from Congress.

In Jarrett’s view, ObamaCare is little more than warrant for the Obama administration to decide how it wants to run the American health-care system, one executive decision at a time.

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Mandate Delay Shames Roberts, Krauthammer, and Will

There has been a lot of conversation, and rightfully so, about the ramifications of the Obama administration’s potentially illegal delay of the employer mandate portion of the train wreck known as ObamaCare. Many are saying that this proves that ObamaCare will fail and go down as one of the all-time “told you so” moments in political history — while others insist that the delay is a stroke of political brilliance and/or exemplary caution needed for such an undertaking.

Regardless of how that argument plays out, this official shilly-shally shows beyond any doubt that a number of conservative intellectuals out-thought themselves in the summer of 2012 over the individual mandate. These people now deserve a cognitive “told you so” spanking themselves.

One person who merits a heaping helping of that scorn in particular is Chief Justice John Roberts, not to mention his protectors in the establishment media, Charles Krauthammer and George Will. Robert’s absurd attempt at logic in the majority decision, and the labyrinthine reasoning used by Dr. K and Mr. Will in defending it, are now all exposed as nothing more than a bunch of inside Washington Ivy League-type flapdoodle.

To refresh memories, Roberts ruled that the individual mandate portion of ObamaCare was constitutional because it was nothing more than a tax — this after several years of ObamaCare defenders insisting ad nauseam that it was no such thing. To quote the ruling, Roberts stated that “it makes going without insurance just another thing the Government taxes, like buying gasoline or earning income.” In other words, Roberts felt compelled to make a ludicrous case for the administration — 180 degrees out of phase with the administration’s own stated position — and then find an equally irrational way to uphold it as well. While Roberts was no doubt congratulating himself on his new and crafty tax angle, it escaped him that tax or not, the law simply is not workable.

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Obama: Narcissist’s Reaction to Failure and Defeat (Must Hear Audio)

“In July 2008, I was the first to suggest that Obama may be suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). How is a prominent narcissist likely to react to defeat and failure? Will Obama disintegrate, decompensate, act out? Is this a dangerous situation?” A November 2010 L-PAC interview with Sam Vaknin, author of “Malignant Self-love: narcissism Revisited” and other books about personality disorders. Transcript of the video: http://www.scribd.com/doc/42788976/Ob…

More about Obama’s narcissism here:




Forbes List Shows Liberals Dominate Influential Media Spots By 9-to-1

Which celebrities make the most money and get the most interviews and other attention from the media? Nearly all of them are liberal Democrats. At least according to a new list by Forbes, called “the Celebrity 100.”

Forbes explained how they rank the celebrities: “We factor in celebrity earnings over the last 12 months, but we also tally how often each celebrity is mentioned in print and on TV, and gauge the strength of their Internet presence and how they’re viewed by a critical constituency: American consumers.” In other words, how much love they get from the media also translates to how popular they are with the public. Unsurprisingly, conservatives got little love, not making even a tenth of total list.

In fact there were no conservatives at all in the top 30 on the list. Only six professed conservatives made the list, including three talk radio hosts or Fox News commentators. There were nine times as many liberals (54).

Who did make the list? Of the 100 celebrities, which included actors, directors, radio and TV hosts, reality shows stars, athletes and musicians, more than half were outspoken liberals, many of whom have donated millions of dollars to Democratic politicians, left-wing organizations and campaigns, according to Opensecrets.org.

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Palin blasts Rubio as GOP ‘Judas’

Sarah Palin expressed the outrage of many when she let fly with her opinion of the U.S. Senate’s recently passed amnesty bill, aiming her most vitriolic comment at Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.

Giving voice to the sentiment of many in his conservative base who feel betrayed by his embrace of the highly unpopular legislation, she alluded to the price paid biblical traitor Judas Iscariot in her tweet, “‘Obama Calls Rubio to Congratulate Him on Immigration Reform’ http://shar.es/xLWXm … Hope it was worth 30 pieces of silver.”

After learning that President Obama personally called Rubio to congratulate him, one tweeter chirped: “I think it might finally be sinking in to Rubio that Obama used him like a cheap hooker”

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