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  • Hurricane Sandy: The New York City Report - All Media Hype So Far! (Video) gd.is/EkcAHm | 3 hours ago
  • Video: The Narrative of Political Correctness (Marxism & Homosexism) gd.is/YcUAfh | 3 hours ago
  • Michael Moore Ad: Old People Will "Burn This [email protected]#er Down" if Romney Wins gd.is/YgK9Sv | 6 hours ago
  • MSM Liars: Watch Them Fake Weather Crises on Video! gd.is/LXzSZy | 6 hours ago
  • Latest on Benghazi: Tyrone Woods Painted a Target, But the Missile Never Came gd.is/sQz5WR | 6 hours ago
  • The Coming Romney Economic Boom Liberals Will Hate and Libertarians Will Pretend To! gd.is/36rqDf | 6 hours ago
  • Low-Rent Drive-By Media: 2008 is in the Past and Americans are Racists Again gd.is/KRdIHV | 6 hours ago
  • Gallup Monday: Romney 51% Obama 46% gd.is/MmGnaO | 6 hours ago
  • "Unbiased" media worried that Obama might not be able to exploit Hurricane Sandy sufficiently gd.is/MPatyR | 6 hours ago
  • The Undeniable Pro-Romney Surge gd.is/WGk9es | 6 hours ago
  • Obama Suggests ‘Secretary of Business’ in a 2nd Term (Dream On Commie Don Quixote!) gd.is/DtArK9 | 6 hours ago
  • Photo of guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in storm goes viral gd.is/trGkkO | 6 hours ago
  • Press Corps to Spokeskid Carney: Can the President Postpone the Election? gd.is/GEN2Wb | 6 hours ago
  • Three Dirty Words: Tolerance, Diversity, and Welcoming (Beware Marxist Newspeak) gd.is/CaQNGL | 6 hours ago
  • House Committee Threatens to Subpoena Documents Related to IRS’s Illegal ObamaCare Taxes gd.is/XFqSgF | 6 hours ago
  • Chick-fil-A makes record-breaking profits after marriage controversy gd.is/2RSpT2 | 20 hours ago
  • Dem warning: Obama could lose Wisconsin gd.is/z8XnrF | 1 day ago
  • Gathering Storm: Time for Dems to Hit Panic Button gd.is/mPe9e6 | 1 day ago
  • Insurers nervous over prospect of a Romney victory (Libtard Psychotic Break) gd.is/HhtsmU | 1 day ago
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