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Bed Down With Holocaust Denying Fraudsters, Wake Up And Eat Crow

Next time some big importantpants “conservative” blogger wants to defend an islamopandering Republican politician by “debunking” counterjihad bloggers like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer by citing some “brutal takedown” of Geller & Spencer at some other blog, maybe he or she should consider checking the attack source first.

Via iOwnTheWorld:

Remember when Pamela wrote the story about Aga Khan, the Muslim who courted Rick Perry and convinced him to include an Islamic curriculum in Texas schools that taught a revisionist whitewashed history of Islam?

Remember how Ace channeled Little Green Footballs and urged his morons to call Pamela all sorts of vile names because he was going to destroy anyone that dared vet his chosen candidate Rick Perry, and remember when Zip fell in line and told Robert Spencer that he would no longer link to him if he continued to link to Atlas Shrugs?

Remember how the stories of concerned Texas parents came pouring through the news cycle as their kids were asked to don burqas when the Islamist push began appearing in the schools? Remember how Ace and Zip ate a bit of crow and wrote their mea culpa articles about how Pamela was right? (Ya, I don’t remember that one either.)

Well, David Stein was their go-to boy that they linked and quoted in order to refute Pamela’s claim that Perry was approving a white-washed Islamist soul kiss that was going to be included in our children’s teachings.

Well, Stein was wrong.

But, who the hell is Stein?

I remember at the time Pamela asking, “who is this guy that these two are holding up as this authority? Who the hell is David Stein?”

Well, this weekend we found out.    READ IT ALL HERE

“David Stein” of the Counter Contempt blog (no, I won’t link it) that was cited all over the Conservative Blogosphere by Rick Perry’s fanatical supporters to slander Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is actually a “man” named David Cole who made his bones in the 1990s traveling around the TV talk show circuit as a Holocaust denier before he adopted a new phony identity and got himself all cozy with celebrity conservatives and a group known as the Republican Party Animals.

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