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Obama Calls the Private Sector “The Enemy”

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Published on: July 28, 2012

The “Greatest Story Ever Sold” series intends to look into the distortions, exaggerations and falsehoods in Barack Obama’s past. Yes, he was born in Hawaii and is a citizen, but he has not been properly vetted, by any means. His personal story is in many ways a mystery, and in too many ways, it’s “made up”. Get to know the real President of the United States.

Aside from being a community organizer, State Senator, Senator and now President, how much do you know about the President’s professional background? The answer is, not much, unless you delve into the oft-exaggerated pages of his biographies and accounts from the people who “knew him when”. Hot Air shares some stories from Obama’s short-lived career in international business. Some excerpts from various news stories:

Obama spent very little time in business, but he did have a job at a company called Business International for about a year after he graduated from Columbia University in 1983. The book contains new details about the future president’s brief stint in corporate America.

Obama was a low-level editor in Reference Services, working on reports describing economic conditions in various foreign countries. By all accounts, he disliked the work, not just because it was pedestrian and boring, but because it was in business.

“He calls it working for the enemy,” Obama’s mother, Ann, wrote after a phone conversation with her son, “because some of the reports are written for commercial firms that want to invest in [Third World] countries.”

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