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Lawrence O’Donnell Mocks Ann Romney for Riding Horses to Combat Multiple Sclerosis

Original Article - Lawrence O’Donnell Mocks Ann Romney for Riding Horses to Combat Multiple Sclerosis

With each passing day, the Obama-loving media stoop to new lows in attacking  the presumptive Republican presidential nominee and his family.

On MSNBC’s The Last Word Monday, host Lawrence O’Donnell mocked Ann  Romney for having the nerve to combat her multiple sclerosis by riding horses:

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL, HOST: In tonight’s Rewrite, Mitt  Romney rewrites the definition of an Olympic athlete.


BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST OF “FACE THE NATION”: I hear you’ve  got an Olympic athlete in the family.

MITT ROMNEY: Isn’t that something? Yeah, it’s not me.  It’s my wife, of course. She’s the athlete, but in this case, it’s not her  personally, but she along with two other people purchased a horse and have  trained it up.


O’DONNELL: She’s the athlete. That’s what Mitt Romney  just said. She’s the athlete.

Actually, that’s NOT what Romney just said. He said, “But in this case, it’s  not her personally, but she along with two other people purchased a horse and  have trained it up.”

Exactly what about that clarification to Schieffer’s question wasn’t clear  enough for O’Donnell to understand?

The host of Face the Nation said, “I hear you’ve got an Olympic  athlete in the family,” and Romney replied, “But in this case, it’s not her  personally.”

Is the intellectual capacity of MSNBC anchors and commentators dropping as  Romney rises in the polls, or is it just their professional integrity?

Or both?

Let’s continue:

O’DONNELL: So what will the athlete in the family be  doing in the Olympics?


ROMNEY: So she’s quite thrilled and I’m sure she’ll be  watching. I have a campaign to attend to, so I won’t be able to see it perform.  But I’m very pleased for her.


O’DONNELL: That’s right. The Romney family definition of  an Olympic athlete is a person who participates in the purchase of an Olympic  athlete, in this case, a horse that the Romneys own. Now, Mitt Romney has always  told the story of the family’s entry into the breathtakingly expensive so-called  sport of dressage as a therapeutic option for Ann Romney’s multiple  sclerosis.


SCHIEFFER: Dressage?

ROMNEY: Yes, it’s the sport of dressage. Not many people  are familiar with it, but something for which she has a passion, and frankly,  her getting back on a horse after she was diagnosed with MS was able, she’s  convinced, to help her regenerate her strength and renew that vigor.


O’DONNELL:  Now, this is not in any way to make light of Ann Romney’s difficulty with MS,  it’s obviously a very difficult thing to bear. And there are a lot of things you  can do to try to deal with MS. But, come on, dressage does not appear in any of  the more traditional courses of treatment. And if it’s true that dressage is how  wildly rich people deal with this very difficult personal health problem, then  why, why does the horse appear on Mitt Romney’s tax return as a business  expense, that in 2010 produced a $77,000 business deduction. Not a healthcare  deduction, a business deduction for the Romney Limited Liability Corporation  that owns the horse as a business.

Mitt Romney was afraid to identify a single tax deduction  that he would eliminate or reduce, but I think we can be sure that the Olympic  athlete in the Romney family, the horse that masquerades as Ann’s horse, but  that is never actually ridden by Ann, would continue to be a fake deductible  business expense if Mitt and Ann ever get to watch their Olympic athlete on a TV  in the White House.

This is so disgusting it’s nauseating.

First off, what business is it of O’Donnell’s how Ann Romney chose to deal  with her illness?

If going for walks, going to the museum, watching television, or, heaven  forbid, riding horses helped “regenerate her strength and renew [her] vigor,”  isn’t that a good thing?

Why should that be the subject of scorn and derision, especially from a  representative of a so-called “news network?”

As for Romney’s taxes, it is safe to assume that their LLC purchases horses  as an investment just as most people do. Income is derived from breeding and/or  selling them. As such, expenses associated with their training and upkeep are  deductible.

This has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. But why should we expect  an ignorant shill such as O’Donnell to understand that?

Furthermore, who is O’Donnell to ridicule anyone for his or her wealth?  According to Celebrity Net Worth, his estate is valued  at $8 million.

That makes him just another rich liberal castigating Romney for his  wealth.

It never ends, does it?

(HT @PoliticalPAW)

*****Update: I received a very interesting email message from NB reader  Jeffrey Peters who is a volunteer to Maryland Special Olympics and 4H (with  permission):

Dressage is a very common technique to help many types of  disabilities, and is one of the few that tends to work for many problems that  lack effective treatment. Therapeutic Riding is a major event and is a  fundamental component of the Special Olympics. In Maryland, over 100 riders  participated in the Special Olympics Therapeutic Riding event earlier in June.  Dressage is not for “rich people.” Most of the Special Olympians are from lower  income families. Most participants are just honest people who enjoy a very  popular sport. This is a part of the matter that is so often ignored. It is  honestly upsetting to see such hate against an event that helps so many special  needs adults and children.

One such facility is the Maryland  Therapeutic Riding center:

Maryland Therapeutic Riding (MTR) is a non-profit  organization located between Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland on a beautiful  25-acre farm. Utilizing certified instructors, licensed therapists, volunteers  and specially-trained horses, we offer high-quality horseback riding programs to  open new pathways of healing for children and adults with a wide range of  physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

Therapeutic Riding is a treatment for rehabilitating a  range of physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. PATH certified  instructors use the horse as an instructional tool to teach riding skills and  reach individualized goals and objectives. Conditions served include: cerebral  palsy, spina bifida, neuromuscular disorders, post-traumatic brain injury,  autism, ADHD, and cognitive disorders. Riders see an overall improvement in  their quality of life. They experience improved self-confidence, strength,  balance, coordination, attention span, and language and social skills.

I also discovered that therapeutic riding is used  to help “wounded warriors from Iraq and Afghanistan improve their balance,  coordination and hone other valuable physical therapy skills.”

As fate has it, suburban Chicago’s Daily Herald just published a piece  on this issue on – wait for it – Saturday (HT @CindyCoops):

Documents from Ancient Greece show horse therapy dates to  600 B.C., with the practice growing in popularity in recent years around the  suburbs and across the country.

Earlier this month on a three-day campaign stop in  Florida, Ann Romney, wife of the former Massachusetts governor and GOP  presidential hopeful, visited a therapeutic horse-riding facility telling  patients she was unable to walk at one point because her multiple sclerosis  symptoms were so severe. But, Ann Romney said, the “excitement of getting on a  horse” helped her build her strength and caused her symptoms to ease.

Once again, this article was published only three days ago!

As such, shouldn’t an MSNBC anchor either know of the medical and  psychological benefits of therapeutic riding or have someone on his staff  investigate it before mocking a presidential candidate’s wife for claiming it  helped her overcome her serious illness?

Or might uncovering the facts inconveniently interfere with his agenda?

*****Update II: NB reader Mark Neidl offered his thoughts via email (with  permission):

My son has Cerebral Palsy and therapeutic riding  benefitted him as well as many other children and adults who suffer from many  different ailments. People like the Romneys support organizations such as these  and without their gifts and donations, people like my son would not have had the  opportunity to participate in a program such as this since we are not wealthy as  are 90% of the people who have benefitted from therapeutic riding. I recall my  son competing in “Dressage” once a year which allowed him to compete against  other riders and showcased his abilities to everyone. We have ribbons to prove  it and my wife and I are positive he improved because of this program.

Mr. O’Donnell’s comments and mocking of Dressage were  quite insulting.

Here is the website for this wonderful program:  http://www.sheacenter.org/

Mr. Neidl informed me in a follow-up message, “Our son graduates this  Wednesday, quite an accomplishment for him since his diagnosis at birth was  pretty dire. Throughout his life he has been helped by a lot of people and, God  forbid, many of them wealthy.”

*****Update III: Today  Show Covered Benefits of MS Patients Riding Horses Same Day O’Donnell Mocked Ann  Romney For It.

Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/06/19/lawrence-odonnell-attacks-ann-romney-riding-horses-combat-multiple-sc#ixzz1yIeiWTpU

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