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Date : February 2013

Why Sarah Palin? Why Ted Cruz?: ‘Nationalists’ and ‘Federalists’

…For several years I’ve been making this same claim here, citing economists like Niall Ferguson and the legendary investor Jim Rogers, saying the economic shift in the world since 2007 would bring uneven regional prospects in America. My claim is that a new Jacksonian era will result: When the common folk in the heartland rise in prosperity, they will demand a more equitable economic and tax situation and a greater say in the messaging. And if America is to address and contain these critical economic issues, only a new Jacksonian figure – an indigenous folk hero loved in the heartland – can commandeer them. She, like Jackson, would be identified by the contempt she brings from the Eastern establishment’s salons and Hollywood, which still demands a say when the economic paradigm they speak for has shifted. Panic ensues. Systems degenerate. Seasoned writers become hacks. Artists become propagandists. Traditional “right” and “left” political distinctions become irrelevant. A new division occurs between “nationalists” and “federalists.”

“His passions are terrible,” said Jefferson. “I feel much alarmed at the prospect of seeing General Jackson President. He is one of the most unfit men I know of for such a place … He is a dangerous man.”

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Phony Minorities and the New Gay Hell

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Published on: February 28, 2013

Are girls with eating disorders an oppressed minority? I ask this question because the rexies are demanding some respect.

“. . . if you want sympathy for your ‘disease,’ you are an anorexic,” declared an activist on Rexia-World. “If you want respect and admiration for your lifestyle of choice, you are a rexie . . . Anorexics die. Rexies don’t. Have we understood the difference? This site is for us rexies, who are proud of our accomplishments, and the accomplishments that lie ahead. We will never die.”

The rexies want us to accept their alternative lifestyle choices and their alternative aesthetic criteria. “I believe in a wholly black and white world, the losing of weight, the recrimination for sins, the abnegation of the body and a life ever fasting,” declared a convert on Anorexic Nation.

“Starvation is fulfilling,” declared one rexie. “Colors become brighter, sounds sharper, odors so much more savory and penetrating that inhalation fills every fiber and pore of the body. The greatest enjoyment of food is actually found when never a morsel passes the lips.”

This may not be your notion of the enjoyment of food, but it is the opinion of someone who speaks for many other young women. Are these young women deluded or are they a social minority with perspectives a liberal society is obligated to respect?

The pro-ana (anorexic) websites boast names such as “Ana by Choice,” “Anorexic Nation,” “Totally in Control,” and “The Mirror Never Lies.” There are more than 400 of these sites where rexies solicit funds for legal battles, promote pro-ana media programs, solicit names for petitions and recruit more members. Do-gooders want to shut them down. The rexies are fighting back:

“This is a gathering point for sentient individuals who are working to cause changes to occur in body in conformity to will. There are no victims here, and maturity is measured in the acceptance of personal responsibility, not the number of birthdays survived.”

They are a society of teenage and twenty-something young women; they are an identity group. They tend to be strong-willed, Type A, alpha females who like to feel in control of their lives. They find the pro-ana websites empowering.

Their detractors argue that the rexies are leading a destructive lifestyle; they insist that the pro-ana websites reinforce rampant cognitive distortions. They call anorexia a biopsychosocial disorder because it has biological, psychological and social dimensions. Are the critics of fasting-by-choice onto something or are they just a bunch of backward and bigoted anaphobes with an undiagnosed cognitive disorder called adipophilia – a strange and creepy affection for body fat?

Join me in a thought experiment. Imagine that the rexies had the benefit of a pro-ana theorist who wrote a faster’s manifesto that re-imagined anorexics as an oppressed minority. Now imagine that some other pro-ana theorists, who were inspired by the first pro-ana theorist, were to script a very detailed media campaign for convincing all of the rest of America that anorexics were not freakishly strange people, but “really” smart, capable and in-control gals with admirable self-discipline who were making an alternative lifestyle choice that was a private matter protected by the United States Constitution.

Next imagine that the anorexics launched an aggressive campaign to disrupt speaking appearances by members of the American Psychiatric Association. Picture the rexies shouting down the psychiatrists and making a shambles of their efforts to build their careers. Suppose that this campaign was so intense that the American Psychiatric Association agreed to closed-door meetings with pro-ana militants that dragged on for a year and that at the end of that year the APA had agreed to allow the rexies to distribute a main-in ballot to every member of the APA asking them if it was time to drop anorexia nervosa from the APA’s manual of disorders, all of it to be carefully worded and funded by the rexies. Suppose that only a statistically worthless 25% of the membership bothered to return their ballots and that the rexies just barely won that meaningless vote and got anorexia scrubbed as a disorder from the APA’s definitive manual of disorders.

And finally imagine that the rexies were lavishly funded by “thinspiration” advocates in the “never-too-thin, never-too-rich” fashion industry and that popular “Slenderella” Hollywood actresses gave moving appeals for pro-ana tolerance and an end to rexie bashing.

If all of this is more than you can imagine, then come to terms with these historical facts: this fanciful arc of an upcoming Rise of the Rexies is exactly the pathway to “gay acceptance” that was paved by homosexual activists. This is the history of the Gay Movement.

A gutless clutch of careerists at the American Psychiatric Association were bullied into dropping homosexuality from the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual; they collapsed under a campaign of harassment and intimidation; removing homosexuality from the APA’s list of disorders was a political act, not a medical assessment.

The media campaign of gay activists is modeled on a battle plan scripted by the queer theorists Marshall Kirk and Erastes Pill. This strategic document is appropriately titled “The Overhauling of Straight America.” The single seminal gay theorist who got the gay movement started was a Communist Party loyalist named Harry Hay who sat down at his kitchen table one evening in 1946 and re-imagined homosexuals the way Karl Marx might have imagined them if Karl Marx had been a homosexual: as an oppressed minority.

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American Student Punished for Refusing to Recite Mexican Pledge

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girl’s constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem.

Click here to read the lawsuit.

Brinsdon, who is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and an American father, refused. She believed it was un-American to pledge a loyalty oath to another country.

Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.

The district also has a written policy that excuses students from reciting text from the Declaration of Independence if the student “as determined by the district, has a conscientious objection to the recitation.”

“There is a sad trend in public schools across our nation to undermine American patriotism,” said Richard Thompson president of the Thomas More Law Center. “But it’s encouraging to see students like Brenda stand up for America despite pressure from school officials.”

The TMLC told Fox News the district ignored its own rules when Brinsdon refused to recite the pledge of a foreign country.

What’s most troubling is the different treatment for someone wanting to opt out of reciting the American Pledge of Allegiance compared to someone as a matter of conscience wants to opt out of reciting the Mexican pledge,” spokesman Erin Mersino told Fox News.

A spokesman for the McAllen Independent School District told Fox News they had not seen a copy of the lawsuit.

The recitation of the Mexican pledge and the singing of the Mexican national anthem was part of a 2011 Spanish class assignment at Achieve Early College High School. The teacher, Reyna Santos, required all her students to participate in the lesson.

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BOB WOODWARD: Obama Is Showing ‘A Kind Of Madness I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’ (Since Nixon?)

Bob Woodward on Obama sequesterThe Washington Post‘s Bob Woodward ripped into President Barack Obama on “Morning Joe” today, saying he’s exhibiting a “kind of madness I haven’t seen in a long time” for a decision not to deploy an aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf because of budget concerns.

“Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sitting there and saying, ‘Oh, by the way, I can’t do this because of some budget document?’” Woodward said.

“Or George W. Bush saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to invade Iraq because I can’t get the aircraft carriers I need?’” Or even Bill Clinton saying, ‘You know, I’m not going to attack Saddam Hussein’s intelligence headquarters,’ … because of some budget document?”

The Defense Department said in early February that it would not deploy the U.S.S. Harry Truman to the Persian Gulf, citing budget concerns relating to the looming cuts known as the sequester.

“Under the Constitution, the President is commander-in-chief and employs the force. And so we now have the President going out because of this piece of paper and this agreement. ‘I can’t do what I need to do to protect the country,’” Woodward said.

“That’s a kind of madness that I haven’t seen in a long time,” he said.

Woodward’s harsh criticism came after he stirred controversy last weekend by calling out Obama for what he said was “moving the goal posts” on the sequester by requesting that revenue be part of a deal to avert it.

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Russian parliament backs ban on ‘gay propaganda’

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Published on: February 28, 2013

Russia’s parliament backed a draft law on Friday banning “homosexual propaganda” in what critics see as an attempt to shore up support for President Vladimir Putin in the country’s largely conservative society.

Only one deputy in the State Duma lower house voted against the bill, but passions spilled over outside the chamber, where 20 people were detained after scuffles between Russian Orthodox Christians and gay activists who staged a “kiss-in” protest.

“We live in Russia, not Sodom and Gomorrah,” United Russia deputy Dmitry Sablin said before the 388-1 vote in the 450-seat chamber. Sablin said Russia is an old country “founded on its own traditional values – the protection of which is dearer to me than even oil and gas.”

Veteran human rights campaigner Lyudmila Alexeyeva described the draft law as “medieval” and said it was intended to appeal to conservative voters after months of protests that have sapped Putin’s popularity.

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“LGBT Rights” Group Sues School for Banning Transgender 6-Year-Old Boy from Girls’ Bathroom!

transgenderA six-year-old boy who has been told that he cannot use the girls’ restroom at his elementary school is being discriminated against, because he is transgender, an LGBT advocacy group claims in a civil rights complaint, according to a report in a Colorado Springs newspaper, The Gazette.

Coy Mathis’ mother said her son has lived as a girl, including dressing in girls’ clothing, using the girls’ bathroom at school and having teachers refer to her as a girl.

“We socially transitioned her to a girl, which at that age means merely changing pronouns and growing her hair out,” Kathryn Mathis told The Gazette. “No medicines.”

Once Coy was denied access to the girls’ restroom at school, the parents decided on home schooling so Coy would not face “bullying and harassment.”

Kelly Dude, an attorney representing the Colorado Springs school district and Eagleside Elementary School, wrote a letter to the New-York-based Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund, which the gay rights group provided to The Gazette.

“The district’s decision took into account not only Coy but other students in the building, their parents and the future impact a boy with male genitals using a girls’ bathroom would have as Coy grew older.”

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Queer Liars and Liberal Idiots (Our Downward Anal Spiral)

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Published on: February 28, 2013

The most destructive ideologies of modern times have favored the notion that an essential human nature does not exist or, at most, is faint and extremely elastic. The enemies of civilization must subvert the idea that humans cannot be conditioned to accept any behavior, no matter how grotesque. These practitioners of human desensitization understand that getting humans to accept a repugnant behavior requires a slow and incremental and persistent exposure to behaviors that were previously felt to be disgusting. The enemies of civilization believe that humans as humans share no guiding moral sensibility. “Little by little we were taught all these things. We grew into them,” recalled the socialist mass murderer Adolph Eichmann.

Every modern permutation of authoritarianism, socialism pre-eminent among them, has promoted the idea that humans are born as moral “blank slates” awaiting socialization. The radical egalitarians turn a blind eye to any evidence of an innate human nature because an innate human nature threatens their quest for absolute equality, which they hold to be the hallmark of social progress. It’s an article of faith for them; it’s a religious precept. The “blank slaters” are the “flat earthers” of 21st Century psychological research; their ideologically-rooted belief is an impediment to psychological studies. They live in constant fear of the empirical evidence of inborn human differences and inborn human proclivities; they fear it will lead to their worst nightmare: social inequality. The egalitarians have repressed the memory that it was the “blank slaters” who set the civilized world ablaze and swept millions upon millions of humans to their deaths in the Twentieth Century.

The Twentieth Century was a snake pit of competing socialisms – the rival international socialisms of Soviet Russia and Communist China and the National Socialism of Nazi Germany. Every variation of socialism promoted an agenda of human perfectibility based on the false belief that there is no common innate human nature. “Scientific socialism” was a belief system masquerading as science. When actual humans proved to be less adaptable to egalitarian perfectionism than the socialist theorists had predicted, the egalitarians resorted to coercion, torture and mass murder to convince real-life humans that socialism was the shining pathway to progressive perfection.

About 40 million Chinese died in a demonstration that Maoist idealism was alien to human nature. Millions of Ukrainians were starved to death demonstrating that Stalinist collectivism was alien to human nature. The Stalinist fantasy killed 20 million humans. Sixty-six million humans went to their graves because the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party had a vision of human perfectibility – the Ubermensch – a fictional ideal just as vacuous as Stalin’s Soviet Man and Mao’s vision of the selfless socialist peasant.

That’s 126 million humans, give or take a few million, who died demonstrating that the blank-slate model of human perfectibility-through-egalitarian-instruction is total rubbish. In truth, the human mind emerges from the complexity of human neurology with the capacity for communication and reasoning and energized by a battery of emotions and drives. Human minds share a common logic across cultures and races.

Our human dispositions anticipate a range of real-world experiences; our inborn traits are activated by environmental stimuli. The environment calls forth the flowering of our innate abilities; the environment resonates with a neurology already highly structured and disposed to specialized development. Temperament and sex differences are mostly genetic and fixed. Our language facility, our number sense, our tool-using facility and our moral sense are inborn. It is our moral sense that passes judgment on our natural inclinations to violence, lying, cheating and clannishness; this moral sensibility is a powerful shaping influence in every culture. Human altruism has a survival benefit for social humans. We are not born virtuous (noble savages) but we are born social and redeemable; we struggle to realize our better selves in the faced of many seductive distractions.

Every healthy culture, every culture that is not in an end-stage downward death spiral of moral confusion and decadence, accommodates and idealizes only the most healthful inborn inclinations of its normal members and it marginalizes the dead-end behaviors of those few who are inclined toward useless or destructive deviance. The future of any culture is assured by the fulsome accommodation of its normal members. Accommodating upstart subcultures that are hostile to the values of the core culture is a self-destructive behavior that no robust culture exhibits. The accommodation of homosexuality and homosexual counter-cultural perspectives by President Barack Obama and his political party is evidence that America is circling the drain pipe. When the president of the United States of America declares that sterile one-sex wedlock must be elevated to co-equal status with time-honored, fertile, and society-sustaining heterosexual marriage, the stink of decadence is in the air. One of every six of Mr. Obama’s big-bucks bundlers is a homosexual; homosexuals are six times more abundant among Mr. Obama’s financiers than in the general population; Mr. Obama is beholding to homosexuals for his continued hold on the presidency; Mr. Obama is bought and paid for by the homosexual radicals.

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Bob Woodward says he is being threatened by White House to not Criticize Obama

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward said Wednesday he was threatened by a senior Obama administration official following his reporting on the White House’s handling of the forced federal spending cuts set to take effect on Friday.

“They’re not happy at all,” he said on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” adding that an e-mail from a senior administration official – who he would not name – communicated a message which caused him great concern.

“It was said very clearly, you will regret doing this,” he said.

Woodward penned a 2012 book reporting that the idea for the spending cuts, known as the sequester, originated with the White House. It’s a claim President Barack Obama originally denied, but the White House has since acknowledged.

But it was language that he used in an op-ed published over the weekend in The Washington Post that drew what he said was the Obama administration response.

“[W] hen the president asks that a substitute for the sequester include not just spending cuts but also new revenue, he is moving the goal posts,” Woodward wrote. “His call for a balanced approach is reasonable, and he makes a strong case that those in the top income brackets could and should pay more. But that was not the deal he made.”

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CNN Chile: Communist Pig Hugo Chavez Is FINALLY Dead!!

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Published on: February 28, 2013

Guillermo Cochez, Panamanian politician, states that the president of Venezuela passed away four days ago.

In contact with CNN Chile, the former ambassador of Panama before the OAS, Guillermo Cochez, affirmed that since December 30 the president Chávez was declared brain dead in Cuba, and was returned to Venezuela in that state. For this reason, he assures that Chavez was not visited by the different proxies and he questioned the authenticity of the last photograph that was published of Chávez with his daughters.

The information that was obtained by the former diplomat speaks of “internal sources of the Venezuelan government” and that this information circulated weeks ago. “I Challenge the Venezuelan government to contradict me, and show me the president Chávez and thus it will be known that what I say is either true or a lie.”

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thumbRep. Ellison Calls Hannity ‘Worst Excuse For a Journalist I’ve Ever Seen’; Hannity Calls Him ‘Waste of Time’ (Video)

Senior Citizens are catching STDs at record rates

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Published on: February 27, 2013

Old folks hunting for flings exploded last year as seniors gleefully look to play the field online.

Ourtime.com membership sprung from 1 million to 2.5 million singles in just the last nine months, and now the three biggest love sites for grannys and granpops — Senior People Meet, Seniors Meet and Ourtime.com — share more than four million people combined.

“I have hundreds of men trying to hang out with me,” 68-year-old Liz Defore brags of her online dating frenzy.

The Southern California native joined a slew of dating sites last year after breaking up with her 48-year-old boy toy. Now she basks in male attention as more than 600 men have come running after her self-described girlish looks and youthful mind. Meanwhile, she happily scours profiles, finding herself hot metrosexuals who slather on moisturizer, manicure their fingernails and ball out at rock concerts.

“My man can’t act like a fart! I’d rather stick pins in my eyes,” says Defore.

Grey-haired singles like Defore are happily recharging their love lives online as each one averages 10 messages a month from potential partners and gets their profiles checked out 50 times every 30 days.

And the fun leaps right from the computer into the bedroom. Seniors are catching STDs at record rates; the number of 50, 60 and 70 year olds getting chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea doubled in the past decade. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports cases of chlamydia and syphilis in older kin ballooning to more than 19,000 and 2,500, respectively.

Longer life expectancy, climbing divorce rates and recharged libidos are behind the surge in online and offline love affairs.

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Democrats complain about presence of debt clock on Capitol Hill (Guilty, Much?!)

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Published on: February 27, 2013


Some members of Congress apparently don’t like to be reminded about how much debt the country continues to rack up.

During a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday on the budget, two Democrats complained after House Financial Services Committee chairman Jeb Hensarling instructed that two monitors in the hearing room display a real-time running national debt clock.

California Rep. Maxine Waters and Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison both issued complaints about the displays, according to video of the hearing.

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Obama’s first sequester move: Releasing “waves” of illegal immigrants from detention centers

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Published on: February 26, 2013

C’mon. What’s his next move, ordering the Border Patrol to stand down because he supposedly can’t afford to pay them? Oh, right. That is his next move.

This makes me more enthusiastic about the sequester, just because now I’m curious to see how derelict he’s willing to be in his duties to in the name of putting political pressure on the GOP. Next up: Suspending TSA checkpoints at America’s airports, maybe? Where else is he going to find two percent savings in three-plus trillion in spending?

In a highly unusual move, federal immigration officials have released hundreds of detainees from immigration detention centers around the country in an effort to save money as automatic budget cuts loom in Washington, officials said…

The agency, Ms. Christensen added, “is continuing to prosecute their cases in immigration court and, when ordered, will seek their removal from the country.”

Officials did not reveal precisely how many detainees were released or where the releases took place, but immigrants’ advocates around the country have been reporting that hundreds of detainees were freed in numerous locations , including Hudson County, N.J.; Polk County, Texas; Broward County, Fla.; and New Orleans; and from centers in Arizona, Alabama, Georgia and New York.

While immigration officials occasionally free detainees on supervised release, this mass release — so many in such a short span of time — appears to be unprecedented in recent memory, immigration advocates said.

Mark Krikorian calls this the “never let a sequester go to waste” strategy, in which O achieves two goals in one fell swoop — turning up the heat on the GOP to cave on cuts, yes, but also tossing the amnesty fans in his base a bone by reducing border enforcement on the very day that he’s meeting with McCain and Graham at the White House to talk immigration reform.

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Black Chamber of Commerce CEO on Obama: ‘I had hopes because he was black, shame on me’


National Black Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Harry C. Alford told The Daily Caller that he ”ignored” President Obama’s “spread the wealth” comment in 2008 and “had hopes” for him “because he was black.”

“I don’t really support him too well and he knows it and that’s a badge of honor. He’s bad. He’s bad and I supported him. I voted for him the first time around. I had hopes because he was black. Shame on me,” Alford told TheDC at the National Press Club after an anti-gun control news conference.

“Then when he started doing all these executive orders, banning right-to-work and other things, hurting my members, my constituents. I had to back off. I had to represent my people.”

While running for president in 2008, Obama said, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

When reminded Obama’s comment, Alford said, “I kind of ignored it. I said, ‘well, maybe he’s just talking.’ He was serious. He was real serious and it is truly — if you read the Communist Manifesto — that’s that philosophy. He is not Adam Smith. He does not believe in capitalism the way American, our Founding Fathers did. He is very social and it’s getting borderline communist.”

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Photo: The Illustrated Budget & Sequestration Pie Chart!

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Published on: February 26, 2013

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