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Date : January 2013

Liberal Bastrion “The New Republic” Fires Jews from Magazine

he New Republic has quietly dropped at least five prominent Jewish writers from its masthead in a move that may signal the publication’s continued drift away from a staunchly pro-Israel standpoint.

The magazine has launched an aggressive new editorial direction under the ownership of wealthy socialite Chris Hughes, who is best known for sharing a room with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard University.

The names of several prominent Jewish writers from both the left and right of the political spectrum were dropped from TNR’s masthead in the latest issue.

They include: Daily Beast reporter Eli Lake, longtime TNR columnist James Kirchick, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, and onetime senior editor Lawrence Kaplan. Complicating the picture, former TNR editor Peter Beinart was also dropped from the masthead. Beinart is the publisher of Open Zion, an anti-Zionist Daily Beast blog sponsored by the New America Foundation.

Each of these writers had been well-respected longtime contributors to the magazine and frequently wrote about Israel and the Middle East.

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Rubio blasts Obama for resistance to border security provision in his AMNESTY Plan

Hours before President Obama is set to deliver a major immigration speech, a key Republican senator blasted the president for reportedly opposing a requirement to shore up border security before legalizing up to 11 million illegal immigrants.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., one of four Republican senators involved in a bipartisan effort to craft immigration reform legislation, warned the president Tuesday against taking such a position. It was the first sign since the senators unveiled their guidelines a day earlier of friction between the two efforts.

“I think that would be a terrible mistake,” Rubio told Fox News. “We have a bipartisan group of senators that have agreed to that. For the president to try to move the goalposts on that specific requirement, as an example, does not bode well in terms of what his role’s going to be in this or the outcome.”

Rubio, a prominent conservative who is also Hispanic, is vital to the bipartisan effort on Capitol Hill. The senator, though, insisted that illegal immigrants not be allowed to obtain green cards — let alone citizenship — “until the enforcement stuff is in place.”

“If that’s not in the bill, I won’t support it,” he said.

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The ‘Pansi-fication’ of the Male Left

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Published on: January 29, 2013

Leftist, liberal, and progressive men are ushering in the greatest pansi-fication and weakening of our nation in the modern era.

Awkwardly refusing leadership in times of real crisis, the men of the left, are allowing women and children to literally be the mouthpiece and driving force behind the cause. They do so dishonestly, disingenuously, and they do so without discernment.

In recent days the president hid behind the letters of four children that he claimed, “were really smart” to help shape his approach to reforms he claimed constitutional authority over, to implement in response to recent shootings. (Not ever having it cross his mind that perhaps the co-equal legislative branch of government was designed for such purposes.)

The letters asked him the penetrating policy questions like, “Will you please stop all gun violence?” Or, “Please get rid of guns, ‘no guns, no guns, no guns, no guns.’”

Yet the executive order wand he waived will likely increase gun violence, at least on law abiding people.

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The Political Gospel of Pain (Hard Road for Conservatives that can be won)

Conservatives by nature are normally rather positive fellows. In the itinerary of their lives they look for answers to conundrums and for the most part do not beat their breasts and wail when running up against formidable obstacles. Our take on the world is generally one of lucid causality and rationality. If the Judeo-Christian West has gleaned anything from Science, we have learned that focus and tenacity are levers to move the world. In contradistinction, hysteria and emotionality are the provenance of the Progressive caste: whose zeitgeist of covetousness and fear are more attuned to petulant children living in terror that they will soon be thrown out of their parents’ basement now that the teat has run quite dry.

But even optimism has its boundaries. It seems as if in electing Barack Obama, we conservatives have become collectively the innocent couple who rented out their place to Michael Keaton in the film Pacific Heights. Although his pedigree was mysterious and his friends were shady, few anticipated that “The One” would begin drilling through and gutting constitutional walls, injecting vermin into the national superstructure, and use the law itself to bind and stifle us while appropriating America for his own personal designs. But while Keaton’s character was bested and the maniac was finally extricated from the house, we have givethe First Antagonist another four year lease; and now it appears that the kid gloves have indeed come off — to our own abject horror.

If I were a despairing man, I might hold that there was no solution. Now, there is a remedy, but not one of the quick-fix TV varieties. Since we did not arrive at this predicament overnight, the answer will take time — and it may require a generational cure. Having long ceded the institutions that educate our youth to intellectual vagabonds, we are now reaping the whirlwind of inattentiveness, so to speak. And until we can evangelize freedom rightly understood to a new cohort of youth that can fill those ranks, we may be destined either to a low level civil war or a time in the wilderness. We must come to grips with this: a weak and depraved political imagination will always choose Fruit Loops over castor oil and will forever sell its youngest sibling into slavery for free ringtones on an Obamaphone. Plato and Aristotle were correct — republics losing their virtues always destabilize into democratic mobocracies until they finally devolve into worse.

The Good News is that the Progressive ideology is insufficient to animate government for long after it has come into its own full flowering. It only can sustain itself temporarily and parasitically on a healthy organism before it succeeds in crippling its host and breeding intense enmity. I believe it so deficient a vision that I categorically state that it will soon come crashing down in America, as is occurring everywhere on earth. The nagging problem is that the entrenched Progressive ideology is tightly bound in a bastard amalgam of anti-theism and the rejection of the old moral order. Therefore, a certain sizeable segment of our society has a psychological vested interest in the secular Marxian collectivist faith. That being said, the pain that arises from the eventual penury of the state will be itself the schoolmaster that sows the seeds of intellectual and material dissatisfaction once this dark edifice with feet of clay loses its legitimacy as a cynical dispenser of coerced redistribution. This will bring about a long fight and comes fraught with great cost — but it is necessary and worthy. So often, light only penetrates into things which are broken.

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Cal Thomas: GOP: R.I.P.?

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Published on: January 29, 2013

Some political commentators are dancing on what they believe to be the grave of the Republican Party, claiming that the only way the GOP can have a viable future is for them to behave like Democrats.

Last weekend, National Review magazine sponsored a “conservative summit” in Washington. They should have held it elsewhere.

Prior to speaking at that event, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal addressed the Republican National Committee’s annual winter meeting in Charlotte, N.C., where he proposed a new strategy for Republicans and conservatives that begins, not in Washington, but at the state level.

Jindal said the Republican Party loses when it plays on the liberal Democrats’ turf, allowing them to set the agenda.

“America is not the federal government,” he said. He maintained Republicans have wasted too much time trying to manage bloated government and too little time growing the private sector. The media and Democrats, he added, treat any serious proposal to restrain government growth as “not serious” when the truth is, “…nothing serious is deemed serious in Washington.”

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thumbPolitico: Amnesty ‘Right Thing To Do’, But Easy to ‘Demagogue’

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Published on: January 29, 2013

Secret Group in House Finalizing Plan for Amnesty (18 repubs=Amnesty)

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Published on: January 29, 2013

As a group of senators unveil their bipartisan proposal for immigration reform today and President Obama heads west this week to rally support for his own ideas, a separate bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House of Representatives is on the verge of finalizing its own designs for comprehensive immigration reform.

The discussions, which top aides close to the talks discussed on the condition that they not be identified, are described as “Washington’s best-kept secret.”

Last week, House Speaker John Boehner spilled the beans on the secret group, revealing that the lawmakers had been “meeting for three or four years now” and that they are almost ready to present their proposals publicly.

“They basically have an agreement. I’ve not seen the agreement. I don’t know all the pitfalls, but it’s, in my view, the right group of members,” Boehner, R-Ohio, told the Ripon Society last week during remarks that were closed to the press, as first reported by The Hill. “My theory was that if these folks could work this out, it’d be a big step in the right direction.”

Multiple sources say those involved in the talks include Democratic Reps. Xavier Becerra (California), Luis Gutierrez (Illinois), Zoe Lofgren (California), and Republican Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart (Florida), Sam Johnson (Texas) and John Carter (Texas). Spokespersons for each congressional office refused to confirm or deny their representative’s participation in the talks on the record. Additional members have also participated, according to sources intimately involved in the talks.

The House’s not-yet-finalized proposal is expected to address five general areas of immigration reform, according to aides close to the negotiations. Secure the border, implement a permanent E-verify system nationwide, reform the visa system, address the predicament of how to handle immigrants already in the country illegally in a “fair” and “legal manner” while determining how to handle those who have applied for legal immigration and are currently waiting in line, and reform the immigration system for future applicants.

“We don’t want to create an advantage for people who came into the country illegally or overstayed visas while millions of others wait in line,” one insider said. “We have to reform the legal immigration system so you have a system that people will go through rather than go around.”

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Republicans: New Amnesty Bill Won’t Pass As Long As Admin Defies Existing Immigration Law!

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Published on: January 28, 2013

U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Ranking Member of the Senate Budget Committee and former Ranking Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, issued the following statement on the new push for comprehensive immigration reform and amnesty:

“Americans overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigration. They have pleaded with Congress to end the mass illegality for decades to little avail. All the while, millions have been added to the total of those illegally here.

It’s time to fix that broken system. Now we are told that the Obama Administration and members of Congress say they have a plan that they promise will do the job. So, the American people will need to watch closely. And, members of Congress must insist that they have a full and complete opportunity to study and amend such legislation.

We would be in a much better position to achieve immigration reform if the Obama Administration had spent that last four years enforcing federal law rather than dismantling it. Brave immigration agents have been left with no recourse but to sue their own Department head, simply so that they—like any other law officers—will be allowed to do their jobs. Just last Friday a federal judge made an important preliminary ruling in their favor. The ICE union also held their own agency head, John Morton, in no confidence with a unanimous vote. The first task for every media agency in the country ought to be to study this lawsuit, to listen to the long-documented complaints of ICE agents, and to review the record of stymied attempts at congressional oversight of DHS.

No comprehensive plan can pass Congress as long as this administration continues to defy existing federal law. What good are promises of future enforcement when the Administration covertly undermines those laws now in place?

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Democrats, tea party unite vs. Mitch McConnell

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Published on: January 28, 2013

Mitch McConnell is shown. | AP Photo

The idea: Soften up McConnell and make him vulnerable in a general election in Kentucky, where Democrats still maintain a voter registration advantage. Or better yet, in their eyes: Watch Kentucky GOP primary voters nominate the 2014 version of Todd Akin or Richard Mourdock, weak candidates who may actually lose.

“We are doing a lot of reaching out to some of the tea party folks across the state,” said Keith Rouda, a field organizer with the liberal group MoveOn and the Democratic super PAC, Progress Kentucky. “What we’re finding — at least in this stage of the race — we’re finding that our interests align. It’s unusual.”

Progress Kentucky has begun circulating petitions urging Republicans to jump into the race, and Democratic donors active in Bluegrass State and national politics are privately making it clear they’re willing to help bankroll a tea party candidate. Neither the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee nor the Kentucky Democratic Party is involved in the unorthodox efforts at this point, officials said.

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Murdoch apologizes for “offensive” Jew Hating cartoon in His Newspaper

Rupert Murdoch apologized on Monday for a “grotesque” cartoon in his London-based Sunday Times newspaper depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a bloody wall trapping the bodies of Palestinians, after complaints from Jewish groups.

The image, which shows Netanyahu holding a trowel dripping blood, was published on Holocaust Memorial Day and carried the caption “Israeli elections. Will cementing peace continue?”

The Board of Deputies of British Jews said the cartoon was “shockingly reminiscent of the blood libel imagery more usually found in parts of the virulently anti-Semitic Arab press”.

The so-called “blood libel” – accusations that Jewish peoples murder children and use their blood in rituals – go back centuries and have led to persecution and attacks.

The wall image by the weekly paper’s cartoonist Gerald Scarfe was a reference to the barrier that Israel has been building for a decade on West Bank territory.

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Krauthammer: We have ‘a Statue of Liberty — it’s not a Statue of Equality’

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Published on: January 28, 2013

Over the weekend, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer spoke at the National Review Institute Summit in Washington, D.C. During a question-and-answer session, he was asked if he thought President Barack Obama would attempt to hand-pick his successor in order to help guide the country down a path to “socialism.”

Krauthammer began his response by advising against using that term.

“I would just caution you about using the word, ‘socialism,’” Krauthammer said. “The reason is it is too broad a term. It encompasses all kinds of socialism, including the nasty totalitarian examples — the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, Cuba, Korea.”

“I just would caution you to use the word ‘social democrat’ because that is what he is. … He is not an acolyte of the ‘Communist Manifesto.’ He is in the tradition of the, you know, the quite remarkable and respectable social democrats in Europe. [The] Labor Party, I think, would be a good example, a good counterpart.”

“So, I am just a little wary about using that,” Krauthammer continued. “I think you ought to identify him as somebody whose ideal is a society more European, which he sees as a more just society where there’s less inequality. So I think we ought to give him the kind of respect for his ideology that he denies our side in looking at our ideology and the set of ideas that we believe in.”

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Left Off Obamas Train (Odumbo is a sore winner)

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Published on: January 28, 2013

A Favorite apocryphal tale goes like this: A New Jersey town where 90 percent of the residents are Irish and 10 percent Jewish had an election. The Irish candidate got 90 percent of the vote, and the Jewish candidate got 10 percent, whereupon the Irish victor celebrated by lamenting the clannishness of the Jews.

Sore winners have always been with us, but they are especially grating when they include the president of the United States.

“It makes me so sad,” a self-employed woman I know said during Monday’s inauguration. “It’s so amazing and wonderful that America elected a black man, but I can’t enjoy it. He’s not talking to me.”

I share her dismay at the partisan, joyless event, but she is wrong in one respect. Barack Obama was talking to her. He was scolding her about America’s imperfections and warning her that the liberal train will roll over her if she doesn’t get on board.

To hear Obama, you would think he was anointed by unanimous consent. The more than 63 million people who voted for someone else were cited only as obstacles to his vision. Apparently, his victory makes all other views illegitimate.

The banana-republic approach was one of many demoralizing flaws in a speech that fell short of the grand occasion. In tone and content, it struck me more as an omen of trouble than a celebration of our democracy.

The speech was full of Obama oddities, from straw men easily demolished to hazy promises wrapped in juvenile phrasings. Consider this doozy assertion to justify big government: “No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future.”

And here’s a line noteworthy for its dissonance: “A nation that rewards the effort and determination of every single American, that is what this moment requires.”

Sweetheart, get me rewrite!

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Starving North Koreans ‘are forced to eat their children’

HUNGRY parents in North Korea have been caught eating their CHILDREN to avoid starvation, according to reports.

One father is said to have been executed by firing squad for killing his two kids for food.

And it has sparked fears there could be further cases of cannibalism in the country.

The Sunday Times told how undercover reporters recorded several horror stories from inside the poverty-stricken nation.

They included one man who dug up his grandchild’s corpse to eat and another who boiled his child and ate the flesh.

Thousands of North Koreans are feared to be starving to death while their chubby leader Kim Jong-Un regularly dines on banquets.

It is claimed that more than 10,000 people could have died from in the provinces south of the capital Pyongyang alone.

One informant in South Hwanghae, said: “In my village in May a man who killed his own two children and tried to eat them was executed by a firing squad.”

The informant told how the man even offered meat from his daughter and son to his wife when she returned from a business trip.

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Coed Combat Units: A bad idea on all counts

For over two decades, I have been arguing against the idea of placing American women in combat or in support positions associated with direct ground combat. I base my position on three factors. First, there are substantial physical differences between men and women that place the latter at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to ground combat. Second, men treat women differently than they treat other men. This can undermine the comradeship upon which the unit cohesion necessary to success on the battlefield depends. Finally, the presence of women leads to double standards that seriously erode morale and performance. In other words, men and women are not interchangeable.

A woman in combatRussell Lee, U.S. Army


Physical Differences

The average female soldier, sailor, airman, and Marine is about five inches shorter than her male counterpart and has half the upper body strength, lower aerobic capacity (at her physical peak between the ages of 20 and 30, the average woman has the aerobic capacity of a 50-year-old male), and 37 percent less muscle mass. She has a lighter skeleton, which means that the physical strain on her body from carrying the heavy loads that are the lot of the infantryman may cause permanent damage.

But can’t these differences be reduced? In the past, gender politics has made it difficult—if not impossible—to ascertain exactly what can be done to improve the performance of women, because advocates of gender equity understand that the establishment of objective strength criteria would have a deleterious effect on their demand to open the infantry to women. Several years ago, the Army attempted to establish such strength standards and pretests for each military occupational specialty, but those efforts were abandoned when studies showed that not enough women would meet the standards proposed for many Army jobs. Funding subsequently was denied for a study about remedial strength training for women.

Anatomical differences between men and women are as important as strength differences. A woman cannot urinate standing up. Most important, she tends, particularly if she is under the age of 30 (as are 60 percent of female military personnel) to become pregnant.

Indeed, each year, somewhere between 10 and 17 percent of servicewomen become pregnant. In certain locales, the figure is even higher. Former senator James Webb noted that when he was secretary of the Navy in 1988, 51 percent of single Air Force and 48 percent of single Navy women stationed in Iceland were pregnant. During pregnancy (if she remains in the service at all), a woman must be exempted from progressively more routine duties, such as marching, field training, and swim tests. After the baby is born, there are more problems, as exemplified by the many thousand uniformed-service mothers, none of whom fairly could be called a frontline soldier.

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Illinois Becomes Largest State to Give Licenses to Illegals – With No Safeguards Against Fraud


In the race to become America’s top “Sanctuary State” for illegal aliens, we have a new leader. Illinois has (temporarily) bested California for that title, and has done so by putting public safety at greater risk.

Both states have in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Both states fight I.C.E. every step of the way to keep illegal from being deported or even discovered. But now, with its Governor’s signature tonight, only Illinois permits hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to obtain official drivers licenses.

Gov. Pat Quinn (D) hailed the law as an important step for “immigrant rights” in Illinois, but even the left-leaning Associated Press pointed out both the problems with security, as well as the insane rationale used to pass the law:

However, the law’s opponents have pointed to hundreds of fraudulent cases in New Mexico, Washington and Utah after those states began giving illegal immigrants permission to drive. Illinois will not require applicants to be fingerprinted, for fear that would discourage immigrants from applying.

How many people would apply for this document knowing that fingerprints will be going to (federal authorities)? Probably not all that many,” said Fred Tsao, policy director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a driving-force behind the measure.

Say what? No fingerprints? That’s right…despite the fact that the vast majority of identity theft in the United states is committed by illegal aliens, Illinois will only require a photograph to be taken. Of course this was done to make sure that the fingerprints would not be sent to the FBI (as is typically done), which uses the Secure Communities program to match those prints with the ICE/DHS database to determine if that person has used any (or perhaps multiple) false identities in other states, , have been previously (and perhaps multiple times) been deported – which would make re-entry a felony, or are wanted for a serious crime or are on a terrorist watch list.

In other words, Illinois’ new law has zero safeguards against fraud, and put the public at great risk. And Illinois KNEW this when they passed their law – because the 3 other states which also allow it have provided cautionary tales for how not to do it, and Illinois ignored them.

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