Pro-family views cost ex-Marine a superintendent job in Berkeley

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Published on: September 20, 2012

A former Marine’s  views about the sanctity of marriage have cost him a job as superintendent of schools in Berkeley, California.

Dr. Edmond Heatley, who is African-American, had already been selected as the final candidate and resigned his position as a superintendent in Georgia when news broke that in 2008 he supported Proposition 8, a pro-marriage state ballot initiative adopted by California voters that November.

“The Berkeley School Board is engaging in blatant viewpoint discrimination by declining to hire an otherwise well-qualified candidate for School Superintendent, just because he supported Prop 8,” Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, the founder of The Ruth Institute, wrote in a statement e-mailed to

Local media found a copy of a memo Dr. Heatley wrote when he led the Chino Valley Unified School District, which opposes “the Court’s recent redefinition of marriage” and declares “the ideal learning environment for children is within a nurturing home governed jointly by a mother and a father as primary educators of their children.”

The school board unanimously passed the resolution two months before Proposition 8 prevailed statewide.

Although another school board member, Michael Calta, claimed to have authored the resolution, Dr. Heatley withdrew his candidacy on Monday after the ensuing backlash at Berkeley.

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