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Harry Reid’s smear attack on Mitt Romney masks Dems’ problems

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Published on: August 7, 2012

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is blowing smoke by talking about Mitt Romney’s taxes.


When he descended into smarmy innuendo about Mitt Romney’s taxes, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was merely executing a tactic that is increasingly central to President Obama’s reelection campaign.

High unemployment and trickling job production have foreclosed Obama from running strong on his domestic record. So he’s painting Romney as a rich, out-of-touch tax chiseler as a distraction from the accumulating woeful economic reports.

Reid took the rhetoric into the pits with a claim that someone had told him Romney had not paid taxes for 10 years, thereby filling a vacuum left by Romney’s release of only one year’s tax returns with a promise of one more.

thumbNew TV ad to attack Obama, Geithner on lost Delphi pensions [VIDEO]

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Published on: August 7, 2012

A new video advertisement from conservative advocacy group Let Freedom Ring features the stories of several Delphi salaried retirees, who lost their pensions at the hand of the Secretary Tim Geithner’s Department of Treasury.

“I would ask President Obama why I had no rights and he had all the rights to take my pension away and never ever look back and say not only did I take it from Mary Miller, but I took it from 20,000 other people and their families,” one Delphi salaried retiree, Mary Miller, says in the ad.

“It’s made life pretty rough. I’ve really struggled to pay for the basics,” Miller also says in the ad, adding that the Obama administration’s actions led to her losing “over 30 percent of my pension.”

The ad is destined for television sets and online ads in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, Let Freedom Ring executive director Alex Cortes said in an email to The Daily Caller.

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign has addressed the Delphi pension as well, in a May web video.

thumbObama’s America 2016: Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him

RUSH: After the program today, folks, I’m talking to Dinesh D’Souza. Dinesh D’Souza, remember his book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage? His theory is that Obama’s father, an anti-colonialist, had a profound impact on Obama. He’s made a movie out of this. The Roots of Obama’s Rage is the movie, and he went over and talked to Obama’s brother in the hut as part of the movie, and the movie is playing to sold out theaters. It’s opening wide soon. We’re talking to Dinesh today about that.

RUSH:  The name of Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, it’s a documentary.  It’s called 2016: Obama’s America.  And the poster for the movie is 2016: Obama’s America — Love Him, Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him.  That’s clever.  Love him or hate him, you don’t know him.  The film has been generating lots of buzz.  The Hollywood Reporter says that people crammed into the Edwards Houston Marq’E Stadium for Thursday’s showing in Houston, Texas.  They had to turn away 200 people, and it opens wide soon.  So he made a documentary off the book that he wrote, The Roots of Obama’s Rage.

He actually went over to Kenya and found Obama’s brother’s hut, and he interviews Obama’s brother.  I don’t think they could fit in the hut, so I think the interview was done outside the hut.  I don’t know if the brother got paid.  We’ll find out.  I’ll ask Dinesh if the brother got paid.  If he did, it probably made a huge difference.  The guy lives on a dollar a year or some such thing. Twenty bucks would change the guy’s life.  He might be able to get a door on the hut.


RUSH: Here’s Ann in Buffalo.  Ann, I’m glad you waited.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  You’re right on today.  And just an aside about D’Souza’s upcoming show.  Love him or hate him, you don’t know him –

RUSH:  Yep.

CALLER:  — that is so right on.  I just got back from vacation out East.  I was trying to talk to different people about who they were voting for, why they were gonna vote for him. I ran into an old couple and the woman just sat there and said, “I don’t know, I don’t know, I just love him.”  And I said, “What do you love about him?”  She said, “I don’t know, I don’t know, don’t make me talk about this. I can’t talk about this. I just love him.”  And finally at the end of this conversation –

RUSH:  Wait, wait, wait, wait a minute.  I want to make sure I’m hearing this right.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  She loves the guy but she doesn’t want to talk about it?

CALLER:  Right, she doesn’t know why.  She doesn’t want to talk about it.  It was making her sweat to think about it.  She’s seventy-five years old.

RUSH:  Seventy-five years old.

CALLER:  Yeah.  Anyway, at the end of the conversation she said, “Well, maybe I just won’t vote, then.”  I said, “Good idea.”

RUSH.  All right, well that’s the way to handle it.  That is a great catch line, love him or hate him, you don’t know him.

CALLER:  That’s right.  Yeah.  I tried to tell her a few things about Obamacare, and the door was shut.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  There was no way to get through.

RUSH:  Give me an example of one thing that you told this woman trying to talk her out of love.  And that’s a tough thing to do.

CALLER:  Okay.  Well, she had been talking about how many operations she got through Medicare in the last two or three years –

RUSH:  Well, that’s all you need to tell me.  It’s not the fact she loves Obama; she loves Democrats.

CALLER:  I told her once Obamacare gets into place you’re not gonna get any more operations.  You’re gonna get a pain pill.

RUSH:  Death panel is what she’s gonna get.

CALLER:  That’s exactly it.

RUSH:  What did she say to that?

CALLER:  Yeah.  I told her that, I told her about the IPAB, I told her –

RUSH:  What did she say?

CALLER:  She couldn’t talk about it.  She said, “I’m starting to sweat here.  I just can’t discuss this.”

RUSH:  It’s flop sweat.

CALLER:  And her husband was there, and I said to him, “What is it about Obama that’s gonna make you vote for him?”  And he said he’s going after the 1%.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Yeah.


RUSH:  That was his whole –

RUSH:  You know what?  I don’t think it has anything to do with Obama.  I just think they’re Democrats.

CALLER:  Yes, yes.  Well, listen to this.  The reason I called was your question, how come people are gonna vote for him?  You gotta consider the libs have been in control of education from Head Start, which, incidentally, does not have any positive results, to postgraduate education in this country.

RUSH:  Yeah, I know all these answers.  I ask these questions rhetorically.  In an admittedly no-such-thing perfect world, I don’t understand how these guys would get one vote.  It’s not a perfect world, obviously.  I know why people vote for ‘em, but the people that do are not thinking.  You just illustrated that with this pair of seasoned citizens that you ran into.  Anyway, Ann, I appreciate the call.  Thanks very much.

CNN: Wife of steelworker in new Obama Super PAC ad still had job and health insurance after he lost his

I wonder if Bill Burton and crew knew about this and greenlit the smear anyway or if they didn’t care enough to even find out. Why would they? The point of calling Romney a murderer is to keep him on the defensive; the more ridiculous the charge is, the more media/online oxygen it sucks up and the less air there is for Mitt’s own attacks on O to breathe. They tried a straightforward offensive against Romney’s complex private equity record a few months ago but the results were inconclusive. Now they’re trying again with a bolder, simpler narrative: Romney’s layoffs literally killed people. If you’re a low-information voter who pays attention to this stuff in bits and pieces, a story you’re half-listening to about a rich guy and a steelworker and a plant closing and a young wife tragically dying from cancer sounds really bad, even if it’s a gross smear. In fact, the grosser the smear, the more compelling the half-listened-to story seems. Right, Harry?

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Rep. Allen West’s Chick-fil-A Treat Gnaws at Black Caucus

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have lunched on their fair share of fried chicken, but when the group’s only Republican member, Rep. Allen West of Florida, brought Chick-fil-A for his turn to provide lunch, “every member” of the group was offended, caucus member Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla., told the Huffington Post this week.

West provided the now-controversial chicken sandwiches about six months ago, but Hastings’ recollection of the delivery carries fresh potency in light of Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s open support for a “biblical definition” of marriage.

Gay rights activists were incensed by Cathy’s statements and staged a boycott of the chicken chain. Although the caucus’ Chick-fil-A delivery took place before the recent hullabaloo, Hastings said, he saw it as an “in your face” way for West to make a statement in support of the company’s conservative views, which the primarily Democratic group does not share.

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The Crisis of Liberalism

In the late innings of the health care fight President Barack Obama told a joint session of Congress, “we did not come here just to clean up crises,” even one as big as the Great Recession. “We came to build a future,” to do the “great things” that “will meet history’s test.” He concluded, “This is our calling. This is our character.” And that had been his ambition all along. “Let us transform this nation,” he implored in 2007 when he announced his candidacy for president. As Election Day 2008 approached, he promised, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Those words mean this will be a different country when he’s finished with it. If, Rip Van Winkle-style, one had slept through the Obama Administration, one would awaken, as it were, in a new land. The old word for such a profound change was revolution. As a self-proclaimed progressive, however, he reckons his revolution will be one in a series, an unending series generated by social progress or history itself. His reforms will connect to Woodrow Wilson’s, Franklin Roosevelt’s, and Lyndon Johnson’s before him, and others yet to come, and all these together will constitute a continual upward evolution. That sounds reassuring, insofar as it promises to take the sting and surprise out of change; but such inevitability comes at the expense of liberty, because there is no choice about the whole of liberal-style progress. In the old days, one could choose to make a revolution or not. A revolution could be defeated or reversed. But you cannot deliberate about the inevitable, which is how progressives think of history. As we’ve been told for generations now, ad nauseam: you can’t turn back the clock.

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Pro-Obama Ad Accusing Romney of a Woman’s Cancer a New Low

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Published on: August 7, 2012

According to Business Insider,a new attack ad by a pro Obama super PAC called Priorities USA features a laid-off steel worker who essentially blames Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for the death of his wife from cancer.

The former steelworker, named Joe Soptic, claims he was laid off from his job when Bain Capital closed the GST steel plant in Kansas City. Though he got part time work, Soptic was without health insurance. His wife was diagnosed with stage four cancer (unspecified in the ad), was admitted to the hospital, and subsequently died. The ad suggests that Romney was directly responsible for Ms. Soptic’s death by cancer.

The Romney campaign site notes that Bain Capital bought the steel plant in 1993, when it was slated to be closed, and then kept it going for another eight years. The GST plant was finally closed in 2001, a couple of years after Romney left Bain Capital, because, the campaign suggests, Chinese dumping of cheap steel in the United States had made the plant unsustainable.

The ad does not mention how Ms. Soptic’s cancer went undetected until it reached stage four, what kind of cancer it was, and whether she was denied treatment because of lack of health insurance. One suspects that because of the vague wording in the ad, there is more — or perhaps less — than meets the eye.

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NJ’s Blimp Gov. Christie praised Hamas-linked cleric at July 24 dinner

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie likely took himself out of the Republican vice presidential race two weeks ago when he publicly described a terrorist-linked Muslim cleric as his “friend.”

The embrace of an embattled Muslim cleric is a veepstakes disqualifying factor for GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s team, partly because Republicans are trying to step up their outreach to communities of Jewish voters in the crucial swing state of Florida.

Christie is not regarded as a leading candidate for the running mate slot, although some GOP advocates including Bill Kristol have touted his prospects.

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Boy Scouts, Chick-fil-A Prosper Despite Left’s Hateful Attacks

Twelve years ago, Bryant Gumbel called me an (expletive) idiot on CBS’s “The Early Show” for defending the Boy Scouts after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed their right to uphold moral standards for leaders and members.

Whether or not you agree with his unvarnished assessment, I’d like to think that most people would think he crossed a line.

Though he was caught on camera saying it, CBS denied it. Years later, Mr. Gumbel himself smugly confirmed it. This is what liberals mean when they lecture us about keeping a civil tone.

A couple of weeks ago, on July 17, the Scouts released a two-year study whose conclusion was that it’s still not a good idea to put males who sexually desire other males into the Scouts as either role models or members. The report followed the dismissal in April of an out lesbian Cub Scout leader.

As in June 2000, liberals exploded in outrage, with the media leading the charge.

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Fox News Allows Black Racists to Spew on Air – Sign The Petition To Stop It!

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Published on: August 7, 2012

THE ISSUE: Fox News Channel and Megyn Kelly, host of America Live, would never permit a white person to call a black guest racist epithets — but they have allowed Jehmu Greene, the radical, racist, socialist and Democrat operative, to do just that, with impunity, on Kelly’s show.  Greene also ran Project Vote, the group alleged to have provided cover for ACORN’s fraud-filled voter registration drives.  On May 4th, Greene called Tucker Carlson a “bow-tyin’ white boy” which is a coarse pejorative used by blacks to denigrate whites.  Since that time, Greene has issued no public apology and Megyn Kelly continues to provide Greene prominent appearances on her show.  This is an unambiguous display of duplicitous double standards.  Racist inappropriate acts cannot be ignored when committed by bigoted blacks like Greene and condemned when there is the slightest suggestion of same by a white person.

THE SOLUTION: We must unite our voices and demand that Fox News fire Jehmu Greene as a Fox News Contributor and that Megyn Kelly apologize to viewers for her own disrespect and insensitivity in continuing to offer a pulpit for bigots like Greene to preach their discord.  Please sign the petition.  It’s fast, it’s easy, and it works.

Click Here to Sign Petition!

Obama Money Bundler Kills Woman, Media Is Silent

The disgusting  ad making the rounds today has already blown up in the faces of Team Obama.

The pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA Action lobbed a heavy-duty attack at Mitt Romney this morning, airing an ad that links the closure of a GST Steel plant in Kansas City to the loss of a family’s health insurance — and the death of a woman some time later.

The man speaking in the ad, Joe Soptic, says, “Mitt Romney and Bain closed the plant, I lost my health care and my family lost their health care. And a short time after that my wife became ill.” Soptic explains he’s not exactly sure when his wife became sick, but that when he took her to the hospital she had undetected, advanced cancer and died 22 days later.

The Romney campaign has pushed back on other GST Steel-related attacks by arguing that the plant in Kansas City closed after he stepped away from his management job at Bain. (Democrats counter that Romney was still listed as a top executive at Bain through 2002, and that he built up the private equity firm during the time it invested in GST Steel.)

In the case of this particularly jarring super PAC ad, it may also be relevant that Soptic’s wife died in 2006, years after the GST factory closed down.

So seven years after Romney really left Bain this woman died. Yet left unmentioned is the fact when the plant closed, it was an Obama bundler running Bain, as noted a few weeks ago when this whole bogus “Romney didn’t leave Bain until 2002″ meme surfaced.

This in itself is a dishonest attack, which will surprise no one, but it gets even more egregious when coupled with this salient fact: one of Barack Obama’s top bundlers, Jonathan Lavine, managing director at Bain, who has bundled between $100,000 and $200,000 in contributions for the 2012 Obama Victory Fund, was one of the guys running Bain when GST went belly-up.

To say these people are dishonest is a massive understatement.

Mark Levin Needs YOUR Help!

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Published on: August 7, 2012

How fast can we get the Levin Facebook and Twitter numbers up to 500,000?

As we go into this crucial election, with only a few months left, I want to encourage you to ask as many of you family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers as you can to join my social sites.  I am going to be posting more notes, and more urgent notes, as we get closer to the election, and the more people who can read them and pass them along the better.

But I must have your help.  So, all of you Paul and Pauletter Reveres, please help us increase the Levin Facebook and Twitter numbers!  We can make a HUGE difference this way.  Thank you!

CO Personhood Coalition turns in 121,000 signatures – CONGRATULATIONS!

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Published on: August 7, 2012
The Colorado Personhood Coalition submitted more than 121,000 signatures to the secretary of state on Monday to again put Personhood on the November ballot. Only 86,000 valid signatures were needed.

Congratulations Colorado!

George Neumayr: “Opponents of Gay Marriage Will Be Treated as Enemies of the State”

George Neumayr writes in the American Spectator about what he believes pro-marriage Americans can expect under a second term of President Obama:

“…Under this coercive secular state, Christian values are no longer American values. Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, has made this view official by threatening to ban Christian businesses like Chick-fil-A that appear out of step with “Chicago values.”

If Obama wins a second term, Americans will be expected to conform not only to Chicago-style politics but also to “Chicago values.” Opponents of gay marriage will be treated as enemies of the state. Obama’s military already tells chaplains and privates who dissent from Obama’s agenda to “get out.””

Growing Up With Two Moms: The Untold Children’s View…

Over at Public Discourse, Robert Lopez shares his personal story of growing up with two moms and relates it to the recent study by Mark Regnerus:

The children of same-sex couples have a tough road ahead of them–I know, because I have been there. The last thing we should do is make them feel guilty if the strain gets to them and they feel strange.

Between 1973 and 1990, when my beloved mother passed away, she and her female romantic partner raised me. They had separate houses but spent nearly all their weekends together, with me, in a trailer tucked discreetly in an RV park 50 minutes away from the town where we lived. As the youngest of my mother’s biological children, I was the only child who experienced childhood without my father being around.

After my mother’s partner’s children had left for college, she moved into our house in town. I lived with both of them for the brief time before my mother died at the age of 53. I was 19. In other words, I was the only child who experienced life under “gay parenting” as that term is understood today.

Quite simply, growing up with gay parents was very difficult, and not because of prejudice from neighbors. People in our community didn’t really know what was going on in the house. To most outside observers, I was a well-raised, high-achieving child, finishing high school with straight A’s.


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