Oops! Turns out Romney 47% tape was ‘doctored’

We can take it from the mainstream media themselves that when embarrassing tapes turn out to be missing any portion, they are “doctored” and therefore discredited.  By this standard, the tape released of Mitt Romney discussing the 47% — considered a fatal gaffe by the progs —  must be discarded.

It turns out that despite claims by Mother Jones that the tapes were presented in full, there is an obvious gap in the recordings. Benny Johnson writes in The Blaze: about the videos posted on the MJ site:

[Romney]“We do all these polls – I find it amazing. We poll all these people to see where you stand in the polls but 45 percent of the people vote for the Republicans and 48 or 49-,”

This is where the first part of the video cuts out.

Part two picks up seemingly on a completely different subject: China.

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