Mainstream Media Losing Its Monopoly

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Published on: July 10, 2012

Until last Tuesday, the president’s media personality cult felt certain that Obama’s re-election was in the bag. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s triumph over media and union forces received scant notice compared to manufactured exit polls claiming that Wisconsinites favored Obama over the GOP’s Mitt Romney by 51-44 percent. However, it is clear that Walker’s victory foreshadows major problems for the president, his party and big labor.

It turns out that 38 percent of Wisconsin’s private-sector union households voted in support of Walker. This caused some in the media to let go of their post-recall denial and face an uncomfortable truth, “Barack Obama faces a grim new reality: Republicans now believe Mitt Romney can win, and Democrats believe Obama can lose…” writes Time magazine’s Mark Halperin.

The New York Times’ Michael Shear observed, “Although Mr. Obama kept his distance from the state in the final weeks of the union-led recall effort, his party, his campaign team and his labor allies exerted an enormous joint effort there that proved to be mismatched for the organized and well-financed Republican apparatus.

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