Defeatist GOP Elites Quit on Mitt

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Published on: September 19, 2012

RUSH: You know, I could be wrong about this, but here’s Bill Kristol, who is saying that Romney… Let me get this quote in front of me. I always put this stuff the bottom of the Stack. Bill Kristol says Romney was “stupid and arrogant,” and every Democrat under the sun is retweeting it. On the tape, talking about the 47%, Kristol says Romney was “stupid and arrogant.” Every Democrat under the sun’s retweeting that all over the place, Donna Brazile and others.

You know what struck me about this? During the primary, all these people — not all of them, but a lot of the people — who were telling us, “Romney’s the only guy. He’s the only chance we’ve got! Romney’s the one,” they’ve bailed. They’ve bailed on him. Now they’re running around saying, “He’s not the candidate we thought he was gonna be. He’s stupid and arrogant,” and all these things. And those of you, you and me, who were said to be problematic during the primaries? We’re the ones supporting Romney!

We’re the ones trying to do everything we can to help get the guy get elected, because this election’s about stopping Obama! This election is about stopping the Democrat Party. This election is very important. It’s very crucial. I say it again: I don’t think that the inside the Beltway glitterati look at it all that way. I don’t think they think anything’s really at stake here, except committee chairmanships in the Senate, or control over the federal budget, or finding enough people to tell you they’ll go on a cruise with you after the election.

But for all of us, this is ball game, the way we look at it. I find it interesting. We’re the ones supporting Romney. And the guys that were all-in at the beginning and saying (muttering), “Romney’s the only guy who can win. He’s the only guy that’s electable. He’s the only one,” now they’re bailing on him. You know all they’re doing is trying to protect their own reputations. They think everybody else sees Romney as stupid, so they gotta say so, too, to make sure that they’re not looked at the same way people are supposedly looking at Romney.

But they’re totally misreading the American people on this.

The American people… Democrats are wrong to this, too. The American people are not fit to be tied, angry, insulted, or what have you over what Romney said on that tape. Let’s go back to the audio sound bites. Frank Luntz, well-known… What does he do? Well, he’s a well-known focus grouper. He’s a pollster. (Just a mental block there.) He does all the focus groups with Hannity and so forth. He was on CBS This Morning today and they had a discussion about the “secret” video Mitt Romney recorded at a May fundraiser.

Again, there are two minutes of this thing missing. David Corn of Mother Jones said (paraphrased), “Hey, we got the whole thing! Here it is! The whole thing’s there.” Bill Jacobson at Legal Insurrection blog said, “No, it’s not. There’s two minutes missing, and nobody knows what’s in the two minutes.” Norah O’Donnell, the hostette, says to Luntz, “Now you see a number of Republicans, former Republicans criticizing Mitt Romney for his comment. Is this a turning point in the campaign?”

Everybody thinks Romney lost the election yesterday.

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