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Celebration: Doctors notify Chavez’s family of the Venezuelan President’s imminent death!

Physicians caring for Hugo Chávez in Havana have notified his family, the Castro brothers, and the main chavista leaders that their patient will no longer be able to return to his functions as president of Venezuela.

This is according to sources in direct contact with his medical team, who also indicate that Chávez has lost his voice completely as a result of medical treatment. His vocal cords have endured permanent damage making recuperation highly unlikely. Speechless and unable to move from the bed in which he has spent the last two months, our sources tell us the president is “very depressed.”

A public announcement by the government explaining that Chavez will be unable to resume his duties will be released in the upcoming days, and has already been circulating among members of the Supreme Court.

More than sixty days from his last public appearance on December 8, when he announced in Caracas that he would be subjected to a fourth operation in Havana, which took place three days later, President Chavez continues to endure a marked deterioration, but without reaching the extreme gravity he experienced in late December, when he nearly died.

Although the Chavez family knew that the president’s cancer, a case of rhabdomyosarcoma, was terminal, a formal communication from his doctors stating that he would not be able to return to the presidency shocked his inner circle. Those who are familiar with the intricacies of the upper levels of Venezuelan government report that the last hours have been marked by utter dismay. The medical communication should lead to the declaration of incapacity or absence of the president. The notice circulated to the Venezuelan Supreme Court – an institution that supported the continuation of Chavez’s presidency in Havana despite constitutional doubts on the subject – shows that it is preparing to endorse the government’s next steps.

Chavez has remained in bed for two months, a timespan in which Venezuelans have not been provided with any images or voice recordings of their president. Despite the loss of his voice, Vice President Nicolas Maduro said his superior had recently dictated certain economic orders.

His gaunt appearance and persistent respiratory complications have prevented Chavez from issuing a message to his country. His complex invasive surgery – a complicated pelvic extraction – was followed by a severe lung infection in the post-operative stages.

Although a slight improvement has enabled him to conclude the post-operative stage, he has not been able to improve from the extraction of cancerous cells during his last operation. The aggressive progression of his disease has become evident.

In its public statements, the Venezuelan government has reported, with its excessive fanfare, the slow recovery of the president. However, it has failed to report certain setbacks such as heart failure and a 14-minute coma on January 5, and the progression of his metastasis.

Chavez’s condition has kept him from travelling to Caracas for his presidential inauguration. Initially it was thought that Chavez would be able to return to Havana for treatment after his inauguration. Recent developments indicate the likely definitive move would be to return Chávez to the Venezuelan capital to wait for a final outcome.

Gallup: Obama’s Policies are Unpopular

RUSH: The poll is out. I find it curious, maybe even a little fascinating. “Americans Disapprove of Obama Policy on Nearly Every Issue — According to a Gallup poll, 42% of Americans approve of Obama’s gun policies while 54% disapprove. On taxes, 41% approve and 57% disapprove. On the economy, 39% approve and 60% disapprove. On ‘the situation in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians,’ 36% approve and 55% disapprove. And on the federal budget deficit, 31% approve and 65% disapprove.

“The only area in which Obama gains the support of a majority is on ‘national defense’ issues, but the poll was conducted before North Korea reportedly tested a nuclear weapon on Monday as Obama seeks to diminish America’s nuclear arsenal.”

So you have the North Koreans nuking up, the Iranians nuking up, under Obama’s watch, and we’re getting rid of ours. But, I mean, this is the Gallup poll. Let me give you the numbers again. I’ll just give you the disapprove numbers. People, Americans disapprove on practically every issue with Obama. Gun policy, 54 disapprove. Obama’s tax policy, 57 disapprove. Obama’s economic policy, 60% disapprove. Situation in the Middle East, Israelis and Palestinians, 55% disapprove. Federal budget deficit, 65% disapprove, yet the guy got elected and is running around acting like he was reelected with a supermajority and an accompanying mandate. He did get reelected.

Yeah, I think there’s an explanation for it. What? What did you say? Well, it’s simplistic to say that voters are idiots. I mean, certain low-information voters are somewhat ignorant, but this polling data includes those in the low-information voter subgroup. I’ll tell you what I think it is. I think it’s Obama’s ad campaign destroying Romney. Two things. We’re gonna have to face the reality of all of those lies, vicious, he’s a felon, he doesn’t care when some guy’s wife died, he’s okay with murder, he hates dogs, he’s a rich guy with money outside the country. He doesn’t care about you. There’s no question that stuff was effective. There’s no question people believed it, didn’t want to take a chance with it. And you couple that with the realization that four million Republicans who did vote in ’08 didn’t vote in 2012.

I’m gonna chalk those people up to being conservatives fed up with the Republican Party moving to the center. I think that’s your explanation. You can say they’re idiots, but Obama didn’t run on any issues. All Obama did was run on what a dangerous reprobate Mitt Romney was. That’s the sum total the Obama campaign.

You know, there’s one thing the Republicans can take away from this Gallup poll. Americans disagree with Obama on nearly everything by large margins. You Republicans can stand up and voice your disagreement with Obama all day, and a majority of Americans will agree with you. You do not need to be afraid of disagreeing with him.

Krugman: Death Panels and Middle-Class Tax Hikes Ahead!

We almost never agree with President Obama’s favorite economist Paul Krugman, but he recently spoke the truth about where Obama’s policies are taking the country. It should scare anyone with a pulse.

Krugman, after speaking at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C., was asked about the debt crisis. After arguing it’s no big deal in the near term, Krugman admitted that “Eventually we do have a problem. The population is getting older, health care costs are rising … . Something is going to have to give.”

What’s that something? According to Krugman, it’s middle-class pocketbooks.

“We won’t be able to pay for the kind of society we want without some increases in taxes,” he said, “and surely in the end it will require some middle-class taxes as well, maybe a value added tax.”

That’s not all. We’re also “going to have to … really make decisions about health care, (and) not pay for health care that has no demonstrated medical benefits.”

In case anyone failed to get what he was talking about, Krugman made it clear, saying the snarky version is:

“Death panels and sales taxes is how we do this.”

thumbJonathan Cahn’s Unapologetic Prophetic Message to America Goes Viral

Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s keynote address at the January Presidential Inaugural Breakfast went viral on YouTube shortly after its posting.

The video has garnered over 100,000 views, gaining worldwide attention for its bold outcry for America to return to God.

Though its controversial message initially received some suppression on the Internet, its popularity continued to grow. Many have called it “the most important and powerful clip on YouTube ever.”

In the video, Cahn, author of the New York Times best-seller The Harbinger, addressed a host of senators and members of Congress at the historic Marriot Wardman Park, one of Washington, D.C.’s most famous landmarks. He unapologetically stated that his message would not be politically correct, nor political, but biblical.

“We must sound the alarm that must be sounded,” Cahn stated in his keynote address at the interdenominational, bipartisan event. “We must address what must be addressed, and so the message now will not be politically correct. Nor will it be political. It will be biblical. It will be true. And wherever it falls, let it fall.

“I will not hold back,” he continued. “And if I offend you, I apologize that I cannot apologize for offending you. Without truth there is no love. On a day that so embodies the future course of this nation, it’s critical that we both pray and speak the truth.”

Cahn passionately detailed the prophetic parallels between ancient Israel and the modern-day decline of morality in America.

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Federal Reserve hacked by hacktivist group Anonymous – 4,000 bankers’ details stolen!

The US Federal Reserve has admitted its computer systems were hacked.

The US Federal Reserve bank has confirmed one of its internal websites was broken into by hackers after the hacktivist group Anonymous was claimed to have stolen details of more than 4,000 bank executives.

“The Federal Reserve system is aware that information was obtained by exploiting a temporary vulnerability in a website vendor product,” a spokeswoman for the US central bank said.

“Exposure was fixed shortly after discovery and is no longer an issue. This incident did not affect critical operations of the Federal Reserve system,” the spokeswoman said, adding that all individuals affected by the breach had been contacted.

The admission follows a claim that hackers linked to Anonymous struck the bank on Sunday. The technology news site ZDNet separately reported that Anonymous appeared to have published information said to containing the login information, credentials, internet protocol addresses and contact information of more than 4,000 US bankers.

The claim was made via Twitter using an account registered to OpLastResort, which is linked to Anonymous, which has claimed responsibility for attacks on other government and corporate sites.

OpLastResort is a campaign some hackers linked to Anonymous have started to protest against government prosecution of the computer prodigy Aaron Swartz, who killed himself on 11 January.

The bank declined to identify which website had been hacked. But information it provided to bankers indicated that the site, which was not public, was a contact database for banks to use during a natural disaster.

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Virginia moves closer to creating state’s own currency!

Lawmakers in Virginia say they want to keep their options open in case the value of the U.S. dollar ever collapses — so they’re considering minting state coinage.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that a proposal to study the effectiveness of such a plan “sailed through” the state’s lower house this week:

The idea that Virginia should consider issuing its own money was dismissed as just another quixotic quest by one of the most conservative members of the state legislature when [Virginia Del. Robert G.] Marshall introduced it three years ago. But it has since gained traction not only in Virginia, but also in states across the country as Americans have grown increasingly suspicious of the institutions entrusted with safeguarding the economy.

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The President Decides He Can Kill US Citizens Without Making a Case to a Judge

RUSH: This is from NBC News: “A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the US government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be ‘senior operational leaders’ of al-Qaida or ‘an associated force’ — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the US.”

It is kind of open-ended. So American citizens can be killed simply based upon suspicions, a belief not even based on intelligence. That’s what I just read here. I’ll read it again. “A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the US government,” i.e., Obama, “can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be ‘senior operational leaders’ of al-Qaida or ‘an associated force’ — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the US.”

Well, that’s not just open-ended. That’s a pretty big net. That is casting a really wide net because it almost sounds like you don’t even have to be a senior operational leader of Al-Qaeda or an associated force. Well, actually, an associated force is interesting. If this provision had been in place back in the seventies, does this mean that Nixon could have assassinated the Weathermen? Does this mean that Nixon coulda taken out Bill Ayers? Does this mean that Richard Nixon could have taken out the New Black Panther Party? It doesn’t mean that? Well, “…’senior operational leaders’ of al-Qaida or ‘an associated force’ — even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the US.

“The 16-page memo, a copy of which was obtained by NBC News,” which means the administration gave it to ‘em, “provides new details about the legal reasoning behind one of the Obama administration’s most secretive and controversial polices: its dramatically increased use of drone strikes against al-Qaida suspects abroad, including those aimed at American citizens.”

Remember all the grief that George Bush got for warrantless wiretaps on phone calls? Do you remember that? I remember when Bush was president, the American left was literally having conniption fits.

Does that mean Nixon coulda killed Bill Ayers? It does mean that. Bill Ayers or the Weathermen. He had an active plot against the US, bombed the Pentagon. If Nixon had assumed the kind of power that Obama’s assuming, he could have sent a commando team out to wipe out Bill Ayers. You can’t kill rogue leaders. No, you cannot. By law, we cannot assassinate foreign leaders. We can now kill Americans, as long as we say they are related to Al-Qaeda somehow. And that link isn’t too tough. Al-Qaeda hates America. All you have to do is hate America and it could be said that you are an associated force.

Remember all of the anger that the left had over waterboarding. And look at this now. I think I have this right. Constitutional scholar Barack Obama is demanding the right to kill American citizens without making his case to a judge, as long as he thinks the American in question is in an upper tier of operations of Al-Qaeda or a related group. But he can’t waterboard the guy. You can kill him, but we can’t waterboard him. We can kill the son of a…, but we can’t torture him. Have I got this right? I think I do. I thought you should know.

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100th Anniversary of the Income Tax!

Today is the 100th birthday of the income tax. On February 3, 1913 the 16th amendment was ratified, which enabled the establishment of the federal income tax. This is ever in our mind as tax season is now upon us.

Look at this graphic that Americans for Tax Reform released in honor of the 100th anniversary:

1913 2013
Top Tax Bracket 7% 39.6%
Tax Bracket Range 1% – 7% 10% – 39.6%
Top Tax Bracket Threshold (today’s dollars) $11.6 million $450,000
Total Tax Revenues (today’s dollars) $16.6 billion $2.7 trillion
Family Standard Deduction (today’s dollars) $93,000 $12,200
Total Number of 1040s filed 358,000 140 million
Total Pages in Tax Code 400 73,954


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Gov. Perry: Boy Scouts should keep no-gay policy

Rick Perry

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said emphatically Saturday that the Boy Scouts of America shouldn’t soften its strict no-gays membership policy, and dismissed the idea of bending the organization to the whims of “popular culture.”

Perry is an Eagle Scout and in 2008 he authored the book “On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting For.” It detailed the governor’s deep love for the organization and explained why it should continue to embrace traditional, conservative values — including excluding openly gay members and Scout leaders.

America’s longest-serving governor addressed the Texas Scouts’ 64th annual Report to State, where hundreds of Scouts from around Texas filled the state House of Representatives to announce their delegation’s recent accomplishments.

Perry has addressed the gathering several times before, most recently in 2010, but not since the announcement that the Scouts’ national leadership is mulling scrapping the mandatory exclusion of gay members. Instead, the group could allow different religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units to decide for themselves how to address the issue — either maintaining the exclusion or opening up their membership.

Even though the Boy Scouts reaffirmed the no-gays policy just seven months ago, the proposal is expected to be discussed, and possibly voted on, at the meeting of the Scouts’ national executive board, which begins Monday in Irving, outside Dallas.

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The ‘Pansi-fication’ of the Male Left

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Published on: January 29, 2013

Leftist, liberal, and progressive men are ushering in the greatest pansi-fication and weakening of our nation in the modern era.

Awkwardly refusing leadership in times of real crisis, the men of the left, are allowing women and children to literally be the mouthpiece and driving force behind the cause. They do so dishonestly, disingenuously, and they do so without discernment.

In recent days the president hid behind the letters of four children that he claimed, “were really smart” to help shape his approach to reforms he claimed constitutional authority over, to implement in response to recent shootings. (Not ever having it cross his mind that perhaps the co-equal legislative branch of government was designed for such purposes.)

The letters asked him the penetrating policy questions like, “Will you please stop all gun violence?” Or, “Please get rid of guns, ‘no guns, no guns, no guns, no guns.’”

Yet the executive order wand he waived will likely increase gun violence, at least on law abiding people.

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The Political Gospel of Pain (Hard Road for Conservatives that can be won)

Conservatives by nature are normally rather positive fellows. In the itinerary of their lives they look for answers to conundrums and for the most part do not beat their breasts and wail when running up against formidable obstacles. Our take on the world is generally one of lucid causality and rationality. If the Judeo-Christian West has gleaned anything from Science, we have learned that focus and tenacity are levers to move the world. In contradistinction, hysteria and emotionality are the provenance of the Progressive caste: whose zeitgeist of covetousness and fear are more attuned to petulant children living in terror that they will soon be thrown out of their parents’ basement now that the teat has run quite dry.

But even optimism has its boundaries. It seems as if in electing Barack Obama, we conservatives have become collectively the innocent couple who rented out their place to Michael Keaton in the film Pacific Heights. Although his pedigree was mysterious and his friends were shady, few anticipated that “The One” would begin drilling through and gutting constitutional walls, injecting vermin into the national superstructure, and use the law itself to bind and stifle us while appropriating America for his own personal designs. But while Keaton’s character was bested and the maniac was finally extricated from the house, we have givethe First Antagonist another four year lease; and now it appears that the kid gloves have indeed come off — to our own abject horror.

If I were a despairing man, I might hold that there was no solution. Now, there is a remedy, but not one of the quick-fix TV varieties. Since we did not arrive at this predicament overnight, the answer will take time — and it may require a generational cure. Having long ceded the institutions that educate our youth to intellectual vagabonds, we are now reaping the whirlwind of inattentiveness, so to speak. And until we can evangelize freedom rightly understood to a new cohort of youth that can fill those ranks, we may be destined either to a low level civil war or a time in the wilderness. We must come to grips with this: a weak and depraved political imagination will always choose Fruit Loops over castor oil and will forever sell its youngest sibling into slavery for free ringtones on an Obamaphone. Plato and Aristotle were correct — republics losing their virtues always destabilize into democratic mobocracies until they finally devolve into worse.

The Good News is that the Progressive ideology is insufficient to animate government for long after it has come into its own full flowering. It only can sustain itself temporarily and parasitically on a healthy organism before it succeeds in crippling its host and breeding intense enmity. I believe it so deficient a vision that I categorically state that it will soon come crashing down in America, as is occurring everywhere on earth. The nagging problem is that the entrenched Progressive ideology is tightly bound in a bastard amalgam of anti-theism and the rejection of the old moral order. Therefore, a certain sizeable segment of our society has a psychological vested interest in the secular Marxian collectivist faith. That being said, the pain that arises from the eventual penury of the state will be itself the schoolmaster that sows the seeds of intellectual and material dissatisfaction once this dark edifice with feet of clay loses its legitimacy as a cynical dispenser of coerced redistribution. This will bring about a long fight and comes fraught with great cost — but it is necessary and worthy. So often, light only penetrates into things which are broken.

Starving North Koreans ‘are forced to eat their children’

HUNGRY parents in North Korea have been caught eating their CHILDREN to avoid starvation, according to reports.

One father is said to have been executed by firing squad for killing his two kids for food.

And it has sparked fears there could be further cases of cannibalism in the country.

The Sunday Times told how undercover reporters recorded several horror stories from inside the poverty-stricken nation.

They included one man who dug up his grandchild’s corpse to eat and another who boiled his child and ate the flesh.

Thousands of North Koreans are feared to be starving to death while their chubby leader Kim Jong-Un regularly dines on banquets.

It is claimed that more than 10,000 people could have died from in the provinces south of the capital Pyongyang alone.

One informant in South Hwanghae, said: “In my village in May a man who killed his own two children and tried to eat them was executed by a firing squad.”

The informant told how the man even offered meat from his daughter and son to his wife when she returned from a business trip.

Boehner: We ‘Basically Have an Agreement’ on Immigration (AMNESTY IS HERE!)

With the re-election of Barack Obama in November – and with his heavy support in the Latino community — the Republican Party has been openly considering what it can do to open up the Latino vote for conservative gains. For months, they’ve been talking about the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform. Now, according to House Speaker John Boehner, they’re on the verge of doing something about it.

On Tuesday, Boehner talking to the Ripon Society, Boehner said it was “time” to find an immigration solution:

I said it the day after the election. I meant it, and we’re going to have to deal with it. I think there’s a bipartisan group of members that have been meeting now for three or four years. Frankly, I think they basically have an agreement. I’ve not seen the agreement. I don’t know all the pitfalls in it, but it’s in my view, the right groups of members.

Boehner did not give any details on who was in the working group, or what the immigration proposal would encompass. He did admit that the Republican side included “some of the hard heads.” Rep. Raul Labrador (R-IA) is widely believed to be leading the Republican caucus on this issue, since he is well known as an immigration expert. In the Senate, the Republican caucus on immigration is led by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

Obama: Change Coming to NFL to Reduce ‘Violence’ (Pussification Of USA Continues)

Obama was asked: “Sticking with the culture of violence, but on a much less dramatic scale: I’m wondering if you, as a fan, take less pleasure in watching football, knowing the impact that the game takes on its players.”

He answered:

I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football. And I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. In some cases, that may make it a little bit less exciting, but it will be a whole lot better for the players, and those of us who are fans maybe won’t have to examine our consciences quite as much.

I tend to be more worried about college players than NFL players in the sense that the NFL players have a union, they’re grown men, they can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies. You read some of these stories about college players who undergo some of these same problems with concussions and so forth and then have nothing to fall back on. That’s something that I’d like to see the NCAA think about.

Climate shocker: Carry on as we are until 2050, planet will be FINE

New research produced by a Norwegian government project, described as “truly sensational” by independent experts, indicates that humanity’s carbon emissions produce far less global warming than had been thought: so much so that there is no danger of producing warming beyond the IPCC upper safe limit of 2°C for many decades.

“In our project we have worked on finding out the overall effect of all known feedback mechanisms,” says project manager Terje Berntsen, who is a professor at the University of Oslo’s Department of Geosciences and a senior research fellow at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research – Oslo (CICERO).

“We used a method that enables us to view the entire earth as one giant ‘laboratory’ where humankind has been conducting a collective experiment through our emissions of greenhouse gases and particulates, deforestation, and other activities that affect climate.”

Berntsen and his colleagues’ results derive in large part from taking account of the way that global temperatures have remained flat for the last fourteen years or thereabouts, instead of climbing as they ought to have done with increased carbon levels.

“The Earth’s mean temperature rose sharply during the 1990s. This may have caused us to overestimate climate sensitivity,” explains the prof.

“We are most likely witnessing natural fluctuations in the climate system – changes that can occur over several decades – and which are coming on top of a long-term warming.”

At the moment levels of CO2 stand at around 395 parts per million (ppm), climbing at around 2 ppm each year and accelerating. In pre-industrial times the levels is reckoned to have been 280 ppm. Depending on various factors, the amount of atmospheric CO2 might have doubled to 560-odd ppm around the year 2050.

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