Canadian Hindu group screening anti-Islam film to make a point about tolerance (Awesome!)

Peter J. Thompson/National Post

Saying it is a necessary part of furthering religious tolerance in Canada, a Canadian Hindu organization is organizing a public screening of the film that enflamed deadly protests and growing anger abroad over its mockery of the Muslim Prophet Muhammad.

“It promotes tolerance of different ideas and different viewpoints within Canada,” said Ron Banerjee, director of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy, said Thursday. “It shows the value of tolerance to Muslims and the Islamic community and teaches them, in Canada, we do have tolerance and diversity and they are simply going to have to tolerate diverse viewpoints and opinions without rioting and without going berserk.”

Mr. Banerjee said he is working with contacts in the United States, including a Christian Coptic group, to secure a full-length, professional print of the movie, The Innocence of Muslims, that is apparently two hours long.

“We are going to end up getting a copy, that is the least of our worries. The bigger concern is to find a location and provide security.”

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